The Best Red Lipstick

I remember the days I was too shy to wear a red lipstick and nowadays rarely a week goes by without me having a red lip day. 
My go to and favourite red lipstick of all time is 100% Ruby Woo by MAC. I had it bought as a Valentines gift 4-5 years ago and since then I've purchased it numerous times. 

My latest was for Christmas by my house mate who knew that this is my favourite shade. Thats real friendship for you folks. 

Ruby Woo is extremely matte, so before applying make sure your lips are exfoliate and moisturised so it doesn't look cakey. I use an unused dry toothbrush to get rid of excess skin and if needed a little bit of carmex. Its a vivid blue-red which means it has lots of blue under tones. 
I personally feel that this means it suits nearly every skin tone, you can read this article here to see just how diverse Ruby Woo is.

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