5 Mistakes I'm Glad I Made

1. Picking a University Based on a Boy

Back when I was 17 I decided to choose my university based on its radius to my ex boyfriend. Cause thats the sort of thing 17 year old me based huge life decisions on. Things didn't work out with that boy but nearly 10 years later, I still live in the city that I moved to and wouldn't change any of it for the world.

2. Moving Away From Home When I Had Just Turned 18

I was 18 in August and then when straight to University the month after. When I think about this now, its pretty scary to think I did that. I thought I was so grown up but honestly I could have done with another year living at home. But I'm so glad I did, because pretty much I've been living indepently ever since. 

3. Dying My Hair Blonde-Brown-Blonde

I always wanted to be blonde. I was forever told it would not suit me and I looked better brunette. But low and behold, turns out I'm cute blonde too.
My first few dabbles with blonde ended in orange sunset hair but when my younger sister became a qualified hair dresser, the first thing I requested was to be made blonde. But then after being blonde for a bit, I got bored so I went brunette again. And then blonde again and this resulted in most of my hair snapping off. Hair does grow back, but it takes a fucking long time. 
It took about a year for it to be healthy again so now I always take excellent care of my hair, especially when it comes to putting bleach in it.

4. Quitting My Job With Nothing Else Lined Up 

I would never recommend this but it worked out ok for me (luckily). I was so unhappy in my job and I thought about leaving and numerously applied for different job roles, got interviews or accepted and then decided to stick it out. It never got better but I knew without that pressure I would never really go for it.
So after one particularly hellish week, I did it. I knew I had enough money to survive or I would move home if I didn't find anything and within a day I got an interview and two days, a job. So I did have back up's/ Again I cannot stress how you really shouldn't do this. But I'm glad that I did personally because I'd probably still be there now.

5. Dropping Out of University

A lot of my life lessons have been surrounding University.
Going to Uni was one of the best things I've ever done. It changed my life and the way I view things. I'm so much more open minded and compassionate through the incredible people I met.
But I didn't leave with a degree, and I'm ok with that. I made my decision to drop out in my final year. Despite family members etc telling me not to. I knew it wasn't right for me anymore. I had a job and I had begun earning a bit of money and I preferred that to spending my days stressing out about dissertations.
And through that job, I got my next job and through that job and the skills I've learnt got me my current job. I learnt so much invaluable things about people and life at Uni, even if I never stuck it out and got a degree.

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