5 Steps To More Luscious Legs

Now that summer is here, you’re probably feeling the urge to bare those legs more often. However, there will be some women out there that may feel more shame in showing their shins. Whilst you shouldn’t ever feel afraid to let those legs out, here are few measures that you can take to give you that extra boost of confidence.  

Do away with dead skin

Scaly legs can not only feel rough, but create patchiness whenever you apply any other product to them. Various body balms can be bought to help get rid of this scaliness. By rubbing the balm on your legs before having a shower and then rinsing off, you’ll scrub away all the dead skin and be left with smooth exfoliated legs. Moisturisers can also help to counteract dryness, especially on knees.

Step up your shaving method

Summer may bring on the need to shave those legs more often. Whilst you may be ok with an ordinary razor, there are specialist razors out there that may be better suited for getting into all the contours and ridding your legs of any stubborn stubble (as well as minimising cuts!).

A more extreme method of course could be to get your legs waxed. It’s worth getting this professionally done so that every last hair is seen to. There are other hair removal options that are more permanent such as laser removal (which can last up to 14 years!), but these are often more expensive.

Say goodbye to cellulite

Cellulite affects more than 85 per cent of women, and whilst the cause if largely unknown, there are many methods for getting rid of these fatty lumps under the skin. You can buy anti cellulite cream online, which can be rubbed into the affected area to help spread out the cellulite. Other more natural methods include juniper oil and cayenne pepper, which may be cheaper than a cream but not as effective.

Kick-start your tan

If those legs haven’t seen the sun for a while, they may be looking a little on the pale side. Most women will find that applying some bronzer gives them that extra confidence boost to bare their legs. Getting a tan isn’t always necessary – whilst spray tans get a bad rep, there are many out there that are wholly convincing and they’re far healthier for your skin than getting a real tan.

Get Active

It may be a little too late to shape up your legs for this year’s summer, but that shouldn’t stop you starting up an exercise regime now. Many exercises are great for legs from cycling to swimming to jogging to weight training. Choose the activity for you and start working out those thighs and calves for next year. Summer may even be a great time to start many outdoor activities such as cycling and running when there’s less chance of rain. Keep those legs active and you’ll soon notice an improvement.


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