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My ASOS Summer Sale Picks

Its sale season and there are so many great finds out there at the moment. I shared a post earlier about Topshop's amazing sale which you can read here and I also shared a few tips I have for making the most out of sale pieces. Below are some of my favourite picks from ASOS mid summer sale and you can access their sale here

£20 And Under

My Topshop Summer Sale Picks

As I mentioned in my sale tips post earlier, there are some hella sales going on at the moment and everything is selling out super quick. Topshop currently have 50% off almost all their sale items at the moment and there are some super cute pieces you can check my picks below and check for yourselves here
£20 And Under

Over £20

7 Tips on How To Sale Shop Productively

If you didn't already know its that time of year when the midsummer sales start. I will be sending two posts up today of my favourite picks from Topshop and ASOS, to save you the hassle of sifting through but for those gals who love nothing more than a little sale shop I have a few tips that I swear by to get the best out of sale shopping;
Subscribe: I know subscribing to newsletters just seem to clog your inbox and if your like me and never delete anything, you end up with 8000 emails. But subscribing to your favourite brands/stores is really worth it for firstly finding discount codes and also about finding out when the sales hit. And you can always email them to unsubscribe if you change your mind.                  Equally its worth following them on social media or downloading the brands app, for your phone, if you have enough storage, and letting them send you notifications the second a sale starts.  Do it Online: I love nothing more than sitting in my pjs, watching Netflix, d…

Lush Cosmetics: Cosmetic Warrior- Face Mask Review

At this point I really believed I had tried every Lush Face Mask going but low and behold when I went in store a few weeks back I saw 'Cosmetic Warrior' and realised I still had yet to bless my face with this fresh face mask.
For a while now I've not had the greatest skin and recently I've really started to start doing something about it. Which involves actually having a skin routine and doing my darndest to remember to take off my make up before bed, especially after a beverage. The latter is not always so easy.  And using fresh face masks are also part of this routine. About 1-2 times a week I put a face mask on as a way to relax and a way to soothe and repair my skin.
Cosmetic Warrior is perfect for troubled skin and has 11 lovely ingredients to help better your skin, including green grapes, honey and garlic. Luckily the garlic scent does not shine through as its masked by good smells like sweet honey and soothing tea tree. Fresh face masks are made from all fresh ingre…

My Go To Foundation: NYX HD Photogenic Foundation Review

I'm forever in search for the perfect foundation that's not too oily, but not too matte. Good coverage but lets my skin breathe. Good quality but doesn't cost me a kidney to buy. And lately gals, I think I have found just that in NYX HD Photogenic Foundation. I'm a big fan of almost all of NYX's products. I think they're good value but great quality.  Described as their most advanced foundation with light diffusing ingredients with create the appearance of flawless skin. The foundation also is infused with try-peptides that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It's only £14 which I think is a great cost of a foundation. Its my every day go to foundation and I use the shade 'soft beige'.
Buy yours here

8 Books Every Sassy Twenty Something Should Read

I've accepted that unless its Harry Potter or really short story my attention span just doesn't suit reading Fiction books. But what I am a custom to is autobiographical/self-helpy-inspirational books by strong sassy females. Over the last 3 years I've read quite a few that have inspired me and guide me through my early to mid and now approaching late twenties.

These are just a few that have helped me survive my twenties.
1. Girlboss- Sophia Amourso

Inspiring, motivating and empowering. This book has been such an influence on my attitude towards life and work. It's about how Sophia went from a high school dropout to founder and Executive Chairman of one the fastest growing retailers in the world. Also now has an accompanying Netflix series which I reviewed here.

2. Yes Please- Amy Poehler

A memoir by one of my favourite comedians. Full of anecdotes about family, love, friendships and personal hardships. What really inspires me is Amy's positive upbeat attitude to …

Life Update: June 2017

Hi. My last little life update was back in March, which really isn't all that long ago. I went through another patch of not really posting due to mental health issues and then I got back into the swing of things with blogging. I felt inspired, I bought my own domain. Everything was ok. And then life happened as it often does. My grandad past away and things got really hard for me and my family and it kind of hit me that my current employment situation in life was not making me happy anymore. 
Though my Grampsy lived to a nice old age, it really hit me that life is very short. Around this time I also finished watching GirlBoss which really inspired me, I talked about it here and it inspired me to re-read GirlBoss the book. Whilst I was at home with the family I read this quote 'What I know now is that nothing is universally boring- whats boring to you could be totally engaging to someone else. If you're bored and hating it, its a big sign that you're most likely just i…

The Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide

Just in case anyones forgotten Fathers day is fast approaching, Sunday 18th! You only have a few days to get something purchased online.
 Does anyone else really struggle of what to get their Dad every year for birthdays, Christmas and Father's day, or is it just me. The problem is, I don't really like getting people gifts they've asked for, which is a little odd. If they've asked for it then surely thats what they want. But I like the element of surprise and picking a gift I know they'll really like but they're not expecting. And thats how I like my gifts to be in return.

I trawled the internet today for ideas and finally settled on something which I hope he'll really love. And along the way I found a lot of other things that might help other guys and gals pick something special for their Dad's.

Good luck!

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Under £20

£20 and Over

Watch You Talking About

So recently I decided I'm the sort of sophisticated gal who should wear a watch. I don't know what it is about a watch that just screams 'grown up' but when I see someone with a watch I think, ooh they've got their shit together. I had a rose gold Michael Kors (cringe) years ago but since then I haven't really owned anything. So recently I decided to go and purchase a watch in a little workwear haul I did. I was on ASOS and I saw this little beauty and saw it was on sale at only £13. 
Its classic, simplistic and chic and also real leather!
Buy yours here.

How My iPad Pro Changed My Life

I've always had sights set on an iPad, just cause I liked the idea of having one but I never really felt the need because surely it's just a big iPhone or a small version of a mac book. Both of which I already own so I felt it would just be a waste of my money. Then lately I've been carrying my MacBook everywhere to blog and it's so heavy, I end up having to take an extra bag to carry it and I just worry about it getting damaged. So I started looking into buying an iPad, as I know people from work who've got keyboards for theirs and get loads of work done on it and have nothing but great things to say. 
This is when I read about the iPad Pro and saw about the iPad pencil. I spent a good week researching and deciding if this was necessity I needed in my life and since owning it now for well over a month  can safely say its changed my life. I use it for everything; as a journal,  reading, a calendar and organiser, to do lists, somewhere to relax with colouring books…

Topshop Mesh Swimsuit

Its my sisters hen party next weekend and I was suddenly reminded that for one of the secret activities, I needed to buy and wear a bikini/swimsuit of which I didn't own as I haven't had a proper holiday in a thousand years. So I quickly headed down to town today dreading the idea of trying on a thousand things and worried about spending a fortune on something decent and one of the first ones I found was this little mesh beauty from Topshop and delighted it was only £22.
Unfortunately the black one is out of stock online but the fuller bust, khaki and orange are all still on sale.