Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Can an iPhone App be a contraceptive?

I think I started going on the pill at like 14. I wasn't even sexually active and I didn't need it to control periods or mood swings. I just started taking it because thats what everyone else was doing and I wanted to sound grown up and cool. I was put onto Microgynon and no other methods of contraception were really discussed with me. And that was it, I took it religiously until I was about 22 when I was 'moody' which I now realise was actually depression but I thought changing the pill may help. So they put me on another pill, which I can't even remember the name of. It gave me heavy periods and made me lose my sex drive. I tried that for a few months then went back onto Microgynon, but again no other methods were discussed with me, I was just given the pill or another pill. 

In my nearly 12 years on the pill. I probably stopped taking it a handful of times mostly when I was no longer with a partner and I no longer felt the need to be on it. And in these times, I noticed that I felt different and better. 
When I started taking my antidepressants last year I noticed when I took them alone I felt pretty good but combined with my pill I would get the worst skin and a whole load of other emotional side effects. 
This was around the time a lot of articles and campaigns were coming out to educate females that there is more than one contraceptive and that studies have shown high correlations between those who take the pill and depression. Do you remember that male contraceptive pill they were testing, and it was stopped because of the side effects that the males got including depression? 
So at my doctors advice, well actually the internet my doctor just agreed, I stopped taking the pill. 

Then I heard about an app that can be a contraceptive. I was highly dubious to this idea. Angry Birds and Tinder are apps, how is it possible that an app could stop me getting pregnant?
I'd heard from a friend that they had tried it and it had been successful so I thought I would research it a little more and give it a go. The app firstly is certified contraceptive app and it works in measuring your temperature daily and recording when your periods are so it can tell you when you're fertile and need to use protection and when you're not fertile and you can bang to your hearts content. There's a lot of science behind it and its probably easier to read there website than me go on about it. I'll put a link to it at the bottom of this post.

You can also use the app for the reverse reasons. If you are planning for a baby, it can help you discover when you are at your most fertile. 
They have three different plans, including a one month free trial and then a monthly and yearly plan. The yearly one comes with a free thermometer than you can measure your temperature with and the monthly one does not.
I chose the yearly and I've now been using it for 2 months and I religiously take my temperature every morning and I've found its been really effective for me. For the first month its still getting to know your base temperature and you will still need to use protection in this time anyway but once its more in sync with you it starts letting you know when is best to use protection and when you're ok.

Contraception is different for every woman so Natural Cycles might not be what works best for you but I urge you to question it and not choose something just because a friend has or thats the only thing you've been offered. If you don't feel ok do your research and consult your doctor.

Sign up to Natural Cycles yearly plan with thermometer included and 10% discount!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Gingham Sundress

Gingham seems to be absolutely every where right now. Its definitely Summer '17's go to print. Yes it kind of takes me back to those summer school dresses you had to where at school, but in hindsight weren't they super cute?
I bought this one from H&M a couple of weeks back but can't find it online anywhere so here is a link  to an identical one from ASOS. I teamed it up with a chunky belt I own from Topshop just to cinch the waist a little more and add a different texture to the outfit.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Things To Watch Right Now- May 2017

13 Reasons Why

I heard so much hype about this and Riverdale on social media when looking for a new show to binge watch. I read up on both and this just seem to be more up my street. Its about a girl, also called Hannah, who takes her own life and then leaves behind a series of cassette tapes about individuals in her life that helped her influence her reason to commit suicide. It is so good and so gripping. Literally from the first episode, I was hooked. Sometimes for me it can take a while to get into a series but instantly I was into it. It starts off quite light hearted and then gets super dark and gritty. I've heard a lot of criticisms regarding the show and whilst I don't think its portrayal of depression is completely accurate, the portrayal of feeling suicidal and like you have nothing or no one left spoke to me on so many levels. As I've mentioned, I lost someone to suicide so I really connected with this show and after watching Clay's tape, I curled into a ball and cried for about hour. Be kind always, because you never know what is going on in someone else's head.

Available to watch on Netflix

Beauty and The Beast 

Beauty and The Beast is my absolute favourite Disney film anyway. Growing up brunette, I was always Belle in any game where we pretended to be Disney princesses. Also it reminds of when in Disney Land Paris and and my sister forced me to listen to the audiobook every night we were there. She basically cannot go to sleep unless theres a film on, and all the films we could find were in French, so we found the audiobook on the tv and listened to that. I on the other hand cannot sleep whilst watching tv so I had to wait till she fell asleep to turn it off.
Anyway. The live action film was incredible. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Emma Watson is the perfect Belle. The live action film makes sense of some of the questions I had like why has no one noticed this big ass castle before

Available in cinema's


I always felt like Sophia Amourso is the coolest person ever from social media and from reading her book GirlBoss which is arguably one of my favourite reads and when I walked away from it I felt inspired and like starting my own business but then I realised I don't actually have any great business ideas and I would suck as my own boss. Netflix recently released a tv show under the same name inspired by that book and inspired by Sophia and it has only confirmed that Sophia is one of the coolest people ever. 
Watching the show gives you so much nostalgia referencing everything from eBay to The O.C. to Britneys umbrella incident. Sophia is portrayed as a twenty something who is deeply flawed and still figuring life out which is much more relatable than shows about twenty somethings who have the perfect apartment and the perfect relationships, with the perfect lives. I easily binge watched this show in three days, in between working and sleeping. The soundtrack is also incredible and downloaded straight onto my Spotify. A must watch.

Available on Netflix

Pretty Little Liars

PLL is back and 7 series down we still don't know who A is or shall I say A.D. who is the new bad guy/gal stalking the liars and making their lives hell. 
This series however promises to answer all the questions we've been so desperate to have answered for so many years. If you have never watched PLL I seriously urge you to. I always describe it as Desperate Housewives meets Gossip Girls and whilst I am pretty sure it's target audience is supposed to be teenagers so many of my friends are absolutely as addicted as I am. This series has already got me hooked with this new Jumanji style game A.D. has given the liars to play.

Available on Netflix