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After getting my make up professionally done at Mac (see post here), I realised how bad I am at doing make up. So I googled something along the lines of "How To Do Make Up Good" and the first point in any post I read is that you need the right tools. Although I have a Real Techniques foundation brush, I still had been using make up brushes I bought from Wilkos nearly 3 years ago, in fact here's the post here
So I went in search for make up brushes and oh god why are they so expensive. Do you remember the days when everyone just used their fingers and everyones make up was shit, can't we go back to that?
I had looked at Mac brushes but then I realised I would have to not eat food for a bit so I decided I'd still to the Real Techniques brand which is affordable and also good quality. Superdrug had a deal on their MultiTech collection, which is currently still 3 for 2 online. I bought the Small Point Make Up Brush set which comes with its own holder, which is mostly for eyes, eyebrows etc and I also bought their L and XL brushes which are for highlighting, blushers and contouring and for powders, bronzer etc. 
I've been using these for about a week and I already see the difference in quality and how my make up is finished and now I have all the appropriate tools I've been experimenting a little more with smoky eyes and contouring. 

Buy yours here.


  1. Ha brushes are super expensive aren't they? I remember doing makeup with my fingers back in the day too, my foundation was so super patchy x

  2. These brushes look amazing! I'm glad to hear they are helping you out with your makeup application. I haven't seen this selection in Canada yet, but I would love to them!

    Rebecca |

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