How To Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram has been a hot topic in the bloggersphere this past week, for many reasons. But the biggie was Insta Bots. If you don't know what I'm talking about basically a lot of well known and some less known bloggers, even brands have been outed as buying followers and using bots to unfollow/follow users on Instagram. Which some have deemed cheating and fake. I'm not here to really speak about that but I do feel Hannah Gale and Vix Meldrew spoke about it eloquently in their posts.
There are bigger things in the world than followers, obviously but the more followers you have the more likely brands are likely to work with you. The more likely people will read your blog and frankly I like getting new followers and nice comments on my pictures. 
I don't have the biggest following. I dont have a blue tick or a K next to my numbers but I'm quite happy with what I've got currently and how its grown throughout the last few years. See my instagram here. And below are a couple of tips on how to genuinely gain more followers.

1. Quality Content

I always say you don't have to have a DSLR and photoshop to create a good looking Insta feed but the better quality the photos are the more likely people will want to look at the photos. And the more people want to look at your photos, the more people will be likely to follow you. 
I use my iPhone and VSCO cam to edit my photos. I have now 1900 photos and I've been on Instagram about 4 years. I have spent ages playing around with taking and editing photos so now I have a basic understanding.
Key things for a good photo include composition, lighting and background. For me nothing beats natural lighting and where possible I take photos in the daylight. Grainy night time photos are not cute. 

2. Layout/ Theme 

A theme is basically visual consistency in your Instagram feed. Usually this means colours and subject and how each picture is edited. I like my photos currently super light so I always play around with exposure and brightness and I like a mixture between photos that are bright in colour and then in dark. 
I also use an app called 'Planoly' which you can use to schedule photos, which I tend not to do but it is useful if you're on the go. Instead I use this to map out where photos will go and how they will look next to and on top of other photos. 

3. Engagement 

 I can't stress this enough. None of this follow for follow crap or like for like. Genuinely comment and like pictures because you like and want to interact. Sometimes I'll search a hashtag to discover new users like 'blogger' or 'fashion' depending on what I'm looking for. Or I'll go to discover and find people that way. You know that feeling when you post an outfit and someone likes it or compliments it or you post a new product and someone asks you a question. Give that to someone else. 

4. Posting Regularly 

Obviously this isn't the easiest thing to do but it can guarantee more followers. But equally don't post so much that you're the only thing on their feed. Unless they are super into you they will probably get annoyed by your spam and unfollow.

5. #Hashtag

Using a hashtag is one of the easiest ways for users to discover you. You don't have to use loads just a few relevant ones so others will find you.

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