Review- Lyon's Den in Shrewsbury

Kind of spur of the moment, last week, me and my house mate decided to go to Shrewsbury for a pit stop. We were both starving so we quickly googled where was good to eat in Shrewsbury and Lyon's Den immediately came up as a great place to get a burger.
We easily found with the assistance of Google Maps, but then realised we could have actually taken a short cut and got there quicker but oh well. 

So we got there it was a Friday day time and miserable weather so they were very quiet but they were still super friendly and super attentive. I had the Shropshire burger and I think Jo had a bacon burger. We both had cheesy chilli chips with them which were gorgeous basically fries with beef chilli, jalepenos and cheese on. My Shropshire burger was incredible. Served on a brioche bun with the most gorgeous burger and blue cheese. 

I think food came to just over £30 for the two of us. They had loads of cool shakes I wanted to try but I was so full I don't think I could have had anything else. I am actually heading back to the Shropshire area this week, so I may have to stop in again as everything was so good the first visit. 


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