March Favourites


I recently bought an armchair, which is something I have wanted in forever and I am absolutely in love with it. Its motivated me to actually want to sit at my desk and write and just to give me somewhere to sit in my room, which won't lead to me napping.. well mostly. See my post here.

Curly Hair

I have naturally curly hair and its been more of a burden than a blessing most of my life. My hair basically moulds into whatever you tell it to and stays like that till you wash it again. So if I tie it up, it gets a kink in it that no straightener in the world can smooth again. Anyway, I've been loving soft wavey hair thanks to my new Lee Stafford Coco Loco Wand. See my review of it here.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Recently it was the 20th Anniversary of the first episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (I'm soooooo old). I saw a lot around on social media about it and it inspired me to rewatch the series. But only season 7 because I felt really drawn to that one for some reason. After that I'm gonna go to Season 5 because thats my favourite of all the seasons. 
I've been watching it my new favourite gadget, my amazon fire stick. I love that I fancied watching Buffy and instead of waiting for daylight to go buy the boxset I just downloaded it there and then. Technologies great aint it. See my Amazon Fire Review here.

Roller Coaster Tycoon

I used to love any simulation style games; Theme Park, Sim City, The Sims etc. I actually about a month or two tried looking for Theme Park to download for your Mac but to no avail. So then I saw Roller Coaster Tycoon on the app store for free and was so happy because to be honest, I would have paid £10 to play it. But yeah I've been addicted ever since, and I don't like to brag but my park is worth 12.1milli currently. 


Primark is my current fashion obsession. They have so much good quality home and fashion wear at the moment and even their underwear is slaying it. I featured my views on them in my post here and my haul here.

America's Next Top Model

I used to be an avid ANTM fan. I still use the iconic "I have never yelled at a girl like this", in everyday conversation but then I drifted out sometime around season 11 and then came back for the AllStars. Little did I know its on like cycle 23 nowadays. So I randomly stumbled upon it and now 6 episodes later, I'll hooked again. However I found it so strange Tyra was not hosting it. About 3 days after I tweeted that, she announced she'd be returning in the next series, so I like to think, she saw my tweet and decided to make a comeback. I see you TyTy.


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