L'oreal Paris Infallible Blush Paint Review

I was on the look out for new foundation and mascara the other week and bought two from L'Oreal when I realised it was 3 for 2 and boots so I HAD to buy something else when I spied this Blush Paint palette. I think I have like two or three blushers that I use and realised I could probably do with more of a variety so I picked up the Amber version of their Infalliable Blush Paint's. 
What I didn't realise until I saw on another bloggers insta is that they are actually scented. The smell like floral, sweet heaven and whilst that's not an ultimate deciding factor when I choose make up, it certainly sways me and now every time I use this (which is daily), I get it a sniff. That sounds weird out loud. 
Anyway the palette itself has loads of gorgeous Amber tones which compliment my olive skin tone, with a nice variety. They're quite pigmented and it lasts a long time. And have I mention their scented?

Buy yours here.


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