Lee Stafford Coco Loco Wonderball Wand Review

I have naturally curly hair. Therefore I hate my hair curly and always have it blow dried straight. Its not cute curly its like frizzy mess curly and its a pain to style so for years I've just straightened it or threw it in a ponytail. I literally have it in 4 different ways because I'm boring and lazy when it comes to hair. 
This was all until I saw a review online for Lee Stafford's Coco Loco Wonderball Wand. I can't remember exactly where I saw it reviewed but I've also seen it about on Instagram and thought I'd give it a go as I've got an event going on next week where I want to try something new. I've tried curlers before but I always buy the wrong style or I'm doing it wrong and end up with ringlets like off of your 90's year 6 school disco. 

Once I saw the review I bought my Wonderball Wand from Amazon for £25! It arrived immediately the next day and I began experimenting. What I always hate from curling or straightening my hair is that it takes for ever. My hair literally took me 5 minutes to curly. You hold the wand facing down, wrap your hair around and hold for 7-10 seconds and voila soft curls. Also I was concerned I would burn my hands but so far I've mastered doing it with zero injuries. You can also buy a glove separately if you don't want to burn yourself. 

The Coco Loco Wonderball Wand contains Coconut oil so it leaves your hair looking glossy. I've had so many compliments about my hair and I'm absolutely obsessed with it. Affordable and perfect for me if you are lazy AF.

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  1. Wow this looks great! I have the Mark Hill version and need to use it more! xx


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