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You're Story Isn't Over Yet- Project Semicolon

I've just read an article online about the incredibly sad news that Amy Bleuel the founder of the semicolon project has tragically passed away after a twenty year battle with mental health.  Before I read this article, I did not know Amy's name, but I knew lots of about the project and I can name a dozen of my friends who all have that tattoo proudly blazoned on their skin. 
Me and a couple of friends two years ago decided get the tattoo imprinted on us after losing a dear friend to suicide, who ironically was also called Amy. It's my favourite tattoo and whenever I feel like  I want to give up, I look at it and remind myself it can get better.  Mental health has such a stigma towards it but people like Amy Bleuel have helped raise awareness and helping others realise its not such a scary thing to talk about. She has created a legacy.
I didn't know you Amy and you didn't know me but your project has helped save mine and countless others lives. I hope you can final…

March Favourites


I recently bought an armchair, which is something I have wanted in forever and I am absolutely in love with it. Its motivated me to actually want to sit at my desk and write and just to give me somewhere to sit in my room, which won't lead to me napping.. well mostly. See my post here.

Curly Hair

I have naturally curly hair and its been more of a burden than a blessing most of my life. My hair basically moulds into whatever you tell it to and stays like that till you wash it again. So if I tie it up, it gets a kink in it that no straightener in the world can smooth again. Anyway, I've been loving soft wavey hair thanks to my new Lee Stafford Coco Loco Wand. See my review of it here.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Recently it was the 20th Anniversary of the first episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (I'm soooooo old). I saw a lot around on social media about it and it inspired me to rewatch the series. But only season 7 because I felt really drawn to that one for some reason. …

L'oreal Paris Infallible Blush Paint Review

I was on the look out for new foundation and mascara the other week and bought two from L'Oreal when I realised it was 3 for 2 and boots so I HAD to buy something else when I spied this Blush Paint palette. I think I have like two or three blushers that I use and realised I could probably do with more of a variety so I picked up the Amber version of their Infalliable Blush Paint's.  What I didn't realise until I saw on another bloggers insta is that they are actually scented. The smell like floral, sweet heaven and whilst that's not an ultimate deciding factor when I choose make up, it certainly sways me and now every time I use this (which is daily), I get it a sniff. That sounds weird out loud.  Anyway the palette itself has loads of gorgeous Amber tones which compliment my olive skin tone, with a nice variety. They're quite pigmented and it lasts a long time. And have I mention their scented?
Buy yours here.

Primark Haul: March 2017

As I mentioned here in my post about How Primark Got There Groove back, I went into Primark last week for one thing and ended up blowing a fortune. I can't get over how good everything in there is at the moment, from their homeware, to their underwear. I could buy so much, well I did, but I could have spent more. This was actually me, restraint. 

I didn't buy this in this haul, but I bought it the week before to travel to Shropshire with and featured it in my travelling essentials post here. Its super cute and fit everything I needed for the weekend. I've ended up using it for work as well when I've needed to carry anything that doesn't quite fit in my handbag.

I love a little slogan sweatshirt for just lounging around the house. They had quite a few different ones but this one just spoke to me and my usual mood. 
How cute is my armchair by the way? I talked about it in my post here. I've recently bought this and thought I'd get a little something to decor…

Fulfilling Life Long Furniture Dreams

When I was a little girl I remember vividly circling things in the Argos catalogue that I wanted to have in my home when I grew up. This was back in the day when I didn't realise how expensive being an adult is and when I still had dreams I would ever own my own house. The good ol' days.  Since then I dreamed of my own furniture, living in student houses and minging shared houses. I remember being so proud when I bought my first set of shelves but thats about all I could muster, till the day I got my own house, about 4 years ago. I say got, I still rent, but it was unfurnished and I could decorate it how I see fit.  Since then I've spent years, I'd like to say saving up, but in reality I've bought a vast majority of my furniture on credit cards and then ended up paying it back. But though I've bought the basics, I've always had on my furniture wishlist; an armchair. I eyed one in Ikea for about two years but other necessities always came up like food and p…

L'oreal Paris False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara Review

My two biggest dislikes about my face are my bald eyebrows and my short boy like eyelashes. So I am forever searching for the perfect mascara to lengthen my lashes. I'd become fond of Benefit's Roller Lash and have repurchased it a few times but it dries out quite quickly and its not the cheapest so I wanted to find something that wasn't so cheap its crap but also something thats not so expensive I need to sell a kidney.  L'oreal had a 3 for 2 offer on at Boots and I was already buying their Infallible foundation to try after hearing incredible things online and my old mascara NYX Doll Lash was running out so I thought I'd pick one of their mascara's too.  Its composed of two wands which are labelled 1 & 2. The first is a volumising black primer which thickens and builds volume and then the second is the lengthening fibers formula which lifts and lengthens the lashes. You can see from the comparison pictures below my lashes look longer and less clumpy that…

9 Things I've Learned About Break Ups

1. Nothing Lasts Forever

That includes relationships and also in turn heart ache. Everyone remembers their first proper heart break. Mine was when I was 16. I really felt I would never be happy again.  I remember I couldn't watch anything with love in cause it made me so sad so I just watched Two and a Half Men repeats and the first film I could stomach was Clueless. Its painful but you do get over it. 
Since then I've had my heart broken a thousand times but I'm here and I'm still ok. 
2. Take Your Time To Mourn

Its ok to be sad after a break up, even if the other person behaves like they don't. In my experience they are usually faking it till they make it anyway but I give myself a day to be sad and then I work on bettering myself. Break up's are not easy. You don't say goodbye to a partner, you say goodbye to a friend and lots of could be's, what ifs and plans that never came to surface, you deserve to fully mourn that in your own time.
3. Avoid Your Ex

I …

The Best Hairbrush I've Ever Used

I first read about this hair brush from Lily Melrose's blog. She mentioned that she has ridiculously knotty hair and bitch could relate. So I thought I'd try it to see if it actually made a difference. And as you could probably tell from the title of this post, it really has changed my life.  I avoid brushing my hair, cause it really effing hurts because it is SO knotty. I usually brush it after I've blow dryed it and then leave it and then usually by the next day I'm ripping knots out of my hair. Alas no more. This brush is magic and it makes me want to brush my hair because it leaves it silky and smooth rather than the birds next it used to be. You can buy them in all kinds of fancy colours but I opted for a classic black as I'm boring as hell.
Buy your Wet Brush Shine Detangling Hair Brush here

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Life Update: March 2017

So I don't really know where to begin with this... but I thought I'd just talk about where I'm at and why a few weeks ago I was absent from blogging. My mental health is directly correlated to how much I blog and how motivated I feel to blog. Up until a few weeks ago I didn't really feel great and I hadn't for a while which is why my blog posts are a little scarce. I went on antidepressants last year in March time and I was on them till October/November. I really, really wanted to come off them. I never feel ashamed to be on them, for those who ask I happily will talk about my mental health. I try not to just drop into conversation "Hey lovely weather, by the way I'm on Citalopram cause I fucking hate myself" but I'm open with friends and family about the medication I am on and I would happily talk about it if someone approaches me about the subject. I probably don't talk about it to people as much as I should because I don't want to be a…

How Primark Got Their Groove Back

Can we talk about Primark's lingerie range currently? Yes all these pieces are from Primark. I was scrolling through insta one day as I do every day and I saw this gorgeous pink little bralet and thought ooh that looks like Topshop. So I clicked the pink to see what was tagged and bizarrely I saw Primark tagged so I thought as its a flat lay, it must be something else in the picture. so I scrolled down to the caption and comments and couldn't believe it when it said that it was from Primark. 
So the second I got paid I marched down to Primark (actually I forgot about it and then I went into Primark for nipple covers, a week later, for a V neck body I just bought from Missguided and I saw them there and remembered and blew £150, but lets pretend for this story I went immediately after seeing the insta pic), so there I am marching away and I went and picked one up in nearly every colour they have. With matching pants because I'm not an animal. The bralets are £8 and pants a…

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Wonderball Wand Review

I have naturally curly hair. Therefore I hate my hair curly and always have it blow dried straight. Its not cute curly its like frizzy mess curly and its a pain to style so for years I've just straightened it or threw it in a ponytail. I literally have it in 4 different ways because I'm boring and lazy when it comes to hair.  This was all until I saw a review online for Lee Stafford's Coco Loco Wonderball Wand. I can't remember exactly where I saw it reviewed but I've also seen it about on Instagram and thought I'd give it a go as I've got an event going on next week where I want to try something new. I've tried curlers before but I always buy the wrong style or I'm doing it wrong and end up with ringlets like off of your 90's year 6 school disco. 

Once I saw the review I bought my Wonderball Wand from Amazon for £25! It arrived immediately the next day and I began experimenting. What I always hate from curling or straightening my hair is that …

A Really Late February Favourites

I know. Its the middle of March, in fact I just checked a calendar and its nearly the end of March but its been a busy few weeks for me and I just haven't got round to writing this post, soz. 

BuzzFeed Unsolved
I love anything a bit spooky or weird. I love serial killer documentaries, I love horror films, I like conspiracy theories. I'm basically a little weirdo. I also love BuzzFeed. Its my most used app after Instagram and Deliveroo. One day I discovered BuzzFeed Unsolved and I've been hooked ever since.  Its basically a little series where they discuss various unsolved mysteries and cases. From OJ Simpson to various hauntings.  You can either watch it on the app, if you go to the Video section its on there or you can watch it on the BuzzFeed Blue Youtube page here and look for Unsolved videos. I spent hours looking through them, all alone in my house at night, which I would not recommend to anyone. As well as the weird murders, ghost and mystery involved in the episode I a…

15 Essentials I Cant Travel Without

I always come over prepared because I fear not having everything I need on me more than anything else. I live 4 hours away from my family so I find myself travelling quite a lot and today I find myself travelling once again for my dads birthday. Other than the usual on point outfits, make up, iPhone and deodorant I thought I'd share my other travel essentials;

1. Notepad and Pen- For my Bullet Journal
2. Magazine- Vogue for outfit inspo
3. Tablet for Reading Books- I would be lost without my Amazon Fire
4. Sunglasses, Gloves and an Umbrella- British weather though
5. Chewing Gum and Snacks- I'm not nice when I'm hangry
6. Water- Got to keep hydrated
7. Medications- Because I'm forgetful. Plus I always carry a form of pain relief because I'm a baby
8. Phone Charger and Headphones- Because iPhone batteries are balls and spotify is my therapy
9. Make Up Bag- Usually filled with 10 lipsticks, 1 tampon and Carmex because there's nothing worse than chapped lips
10. A Scarf- T…

January to February's Instagram Outfits

Top Left: Top: H&M, Skirt: Zara, Top Right: Jumpsuit: Zara, Bottom Left: Polo Neck: New Look, Pinafore: Zara, Bottom Right: Dress: ASOS
Top Left: Shirt: Topshop, Lace Body: Topshop, Top Right: Dress: Forever 21, Bottom Left: Blouse: Topshop, Leggings: Topshop, Shoes: Primark
Left to Right: 1. Top: Topshop, Leggings: Topshop, 2. Sweatshirt: River Island, Jeans: River Island, Boots: Primark, 3. Lace Body: Missguided, Jeans: River Island, Boots: Miss Selfridge
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Happy International Women's Day

To any girl who's been told to smile when they're walking along minding their own business. To any female who gets paid less than their male counterparts for doing the same job. To any woman who when has shown any sign of emotion has had it suggested their on their period. To any female who's had a derogatory remark made about her for not being afraid to talk about sex or for being proud of her body. To any girl who's had a man touch her body unwarranted. To anyone woman who's been intimidated in the street by a group of males yelling at her in the street or beeping at her from their car/van. To anyone who's been made to feel their less important or ashamed of their gender. And most importantly to any females who stand up for themselves or stand up for other females, what they believe and who raise other women up. Happy International Women's Day

5 Ways You Can Define Your Style

I think defining fashion styles are often over complicated and a little misunderstood. But I believe that defining your personal style can help simplify things when shopping for new threads to add to your wardrobe and your understanding your personal style can help you reflect your personality through what you wear. Fashion has always been a way for centuries that humans have an outlet to have fun and show the world exactly what you're about.
There are so many different types of 'style' whether its classic, glamorous or bohemian. No individual is ever 100% one type. I think everyone is a little bit of a hybrid between two or three or more.
Over, probably, the last five years I've grown confident in my own style and develop ways of defining it and I thought I would share them;
1. Find Your Fashion Spirit Animals 

By now you either consciously or subconsciously have a few celebs/ friends/ social media influencers styles you have thought "Ooh I like the way that they…

Review- Lyon's Den in Shrewsbury

Kind of spur of the moment, last week, me and my house mate decided to go to Shrewsbury for a pit stop. We were both starving so we quickly googled where was good to eat in Shrewsbury and Lyon's Den immediately came up as a great place to get a burger. We easily found with the assistance of Google Maps, but then realised we could have actually taken a short cut and got there quicker but oh well. 

So we got there it was a Friday day time and miserable weather so they were very quiet but they were still super friendly and super attentive. I had the Shropshire burger and I think Jo had a bacon burger. We both had cheesy chilli chips with them which were gorgeous basically fries with beef chilli, jalepenos and cheese on. My Shropshire burger was incredible. Served on a brioche bun with the most gorgeous burger and blue cheese. 
I think food came to just over £30 for the two of us. They had loads of cool shakes I wanted to try but I was so full I don't think I could have had anyth…

This Works- Sleep Pillow Spray Review

I dont have the easiest time with sleep. I love it a lot. I like naps in the day and I like long lie ins but getting to sleep and staying asleep has always been a problem of mine. I have suffered with sleep disorders such as insomnia and night terrors in the past and now I am a little more at ease with my sleeping life but I still struggle.  I shared here a couple of things I've done to try and sleep a little easier. I tend to keep my phone away or at least on night mode, I like incense and candles as well as reading before bed. I'm definitely a night owl and my energy comes just before bed and I usually work till late so unwinding is extremely important to me. I have tried lavender oils etc before and I liked how soothing they were. So I heard about This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray on Buzzfeed and as I tend to buy everything Buzzfeed tells me, I purchased it straight away.  I then shared a picture of it on my Insta and saw that so many people were raving about it so I was …