February's Wishlist

1. Record Player

After going home for Christmas and having my dad play his record player for me with his massive collection its really inspired me to want to get a record player and start collecting records. I know I'm such a hipster right now but I don't even care. I'm currently reading reviews and seeing the best/cheapest out there. I've heard very mixed reviews about some of them so this is going to take a little bit of investigating I think. 

Again a very hipster thing but recently I went to a party and had my picture taking via polaroid and loved how cute it was. I love taking photos and I think a polaroid camera would make a nice addition to my addiction. I just love anything like that, that's a bit old school. I always wanted a polaroid camera as a teen but my dad said it was a waste of money because you only got like 8 pictures from it. Well Dad, watch me waste my money now. 

3. Bedding

I took a trip to Ikea yesterday and saw the most perfect bedding, I don't know why I didn't take a photo now but it was like pink, purple and white rain drop style dots all over it. I think it was called Smastarr but they sadly only had it in single or Kingsize and now I've checked online and can't find it anywhere so I feel like I may have hallucinated this perfect bedding.
I think bedding makes a room. Its the first thing I judge about a persons bedroom. I'm so in love with this bedding I'm tempted just to buy a kingsize duvet and deal with it. But alas my nearest Ikea is a bit too far away so unless I bribe my housemate to take me there again, I may settle for one from H&M home who also do gorgeous like this one above, and its only £34.99 link here.

4. New Handbag
My current bag isn't quite large enough for the amount of food and shit I carry to work so I need a new handbag to accommodate this. This holdall from Topshop looks like the perfect size and its super cute and only £39. I think any bag under £40 is a reasonable investment, link here.

I've seen this book all over social media and heard so many great reviews. From what I hear it sounds like exactly the sort of book I would enjoy. Obviously mental health is a subject very close to me and I find comfort in hearing about others experiences as it makes you feel less alone and less like you're actually 'mental'. So my plan is to buy this book this month and get reading it. I'm sure I'll post something about it in the near future. 


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