Amazon Fire Stick Review

Anyone who knows me, knows I love tv. I like to have a few tv shows on the go that I make sure I catch up with every week. Its always been that way since I was like 8. My first memories are of the tv shows I watched as a kid, great parenting, I know.
So when I thought I would have to live alone and get rid of Sky (don't worry I've had to do neither). I decided to look into a cheaper way to get my tv kicks. Now I could easily watch things on my laptop and sometimes I do but I like sometimes perusing my laptop or writing blog posts whilst watching tv, like I am currently.

So I heard loads about the Amazon Fire Stick and saw loads of those adverts with Jeremy Clarkson. I did my research first and read loads of reviews. I was worried because I have a smart tv but either the wifi in my house or the tv are shit because it says it loses signal ALL THE DAMN TIME so I ended up not using it. So what I'd researched sounded good and then all of a sudden the Fire Stick I had saved in my Amazon basket was on sale so I snapped it up immediately(right now its available for about £35).

Now I have Amazon Prime and I highly recommend this to anyone who uses Amazon. It is £79 a year but with this you get Amazon Prime Video which has some great shows on and you also get free next day delivery on so many items. I basically only got it because I want to watch The Man in The High Castle (which I talk about here in my 5 Things to Watch Right Now post) but I have saved so much money.

 I also now have some things on subscription such as cat litter, so once a month I have enough cat litter delivered to last me a month which saves me hauling it back from the shop. Super useful because I don't drive and there's loads of beauty and home products you can subscribe to so you don't have to worry about making sure you don't run out of things.

The stick itself its so easy to set up and really straight forward and then it has so many apps you can download for it to watch tv/films with. My top used are probably Netflix, Amazon Videos, Hayu and things like iPlayer, Five on Demand etc. It really has been a game changer in the way I view tv and its easily transportable so when I've gone home and I just know my dad has only terrestrial channels, I know I won't die of boredom.

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