5 Ways To A Happier and Healthier 2017

1. Find Time Away From Social Media

I think sometimes social media can get a bad rep for being a place of negativity but equally it can be a place of creativity and even an outlet to some. 
Social media has even helped me on occasion. Its helped with understanding my mental health by reading others tweets or articles they've shared or when I've shared things; I've had other peoples support and realised I'm not alone.
The problem really comes from the way we look and compare ourselves to others. We all have to remember that a person's social media is what they are choosing to share with the world. No one is perfect, we are all flawed and we all have things going on below the surface.
But equally we can make better use of our time than scrolling aimlessly through our newsfeed. So whilst social media can be great, spending a little less time on our phones is good for us. 

2. Distance Yourself From Negative People

It's important to remember no human being, apart from ourselves can ever make us feel anything. However we can make ourselves feel something from a persons actions. If being around a person is causing you to feel in a negative way then you need to re-evaluate that persons place in your life. As hard as it is, sometimes you have to put yourself first. You have one life and it is short. Spend it around people who's actions make you feel in a positive way. This includes partners, friends and even family.

3. Exercise A Little More

Exercise realises endorphins which is a chemical that triggers a positive feeling in your body, reduces stress and also our perception of pain. It doesn't have to be a 30 minute work out a day even just starting with walking somewhere rather than driving. You'll be surprised at how addictive it gets and how much better you feel for it. 

4. Travel As Much You Can

They say travel broadens the mind and I feel like personally it does wonders for your soul. You don't have to sun it up in the Caribbean or trek through Asia. You can just travel within your own country. Personally I love travelling around England to places like Cornwall or Bath. The list of places I want to visit this year include; York and Edinburgh and I would love to visit London again. There are a lot of places on your own door step you wouldn't even think of. One of the best things I've found, when I'm not feeling at my best, is to change your environment for a while. 

5. Eat Better and Cook More

Cutting out take aways not only saves money but it also leads to a healthier lifestyle. I like to recreate my favourite take away dishes at home. Like seriously have you tried home made pizza? Learning to cook better, healthier meals is a great little hobby to have. I don't cook steamed chicken and veg or anything really bland and 'healthy' in the typical sense. I cook vegetable pasta dishes, roasts, soups or pies. You'd be surprised at how easy it is. I often take these to work instead of buying £10's worth of sandwiches on my way to work, which again saves me money. I've been reading all of Joe Wicke's cooking books which have really help inspire me with so many dishes.

Happy New Year!!!


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