5 Ways To Get Motivated

1. Change your space
Try another room, try a coffee shop or a friends house. Try just tidying your workspace. Its amazing what a new or seemingly new environment can do to your productivity.

2. Have a Goal and Do it 
Studies have shown that even just writing yourself goals makes it more likely you'll do it. Find the time write down your goals and start on them there and then.

3. Dont Trust Your Future Self
Don't trust tomorrow's you to get something done because you can't rely on yourself to be more motivated tomorrow. You have two options; Accept your current self has to do it or accept you won't do it. And if you accept you won't do it, try saying to yourself "This just isn't a priority" and if that sits ok with you then the task probably wasn't that important in the first place.

4. Break Down Your Tasks
Break your goal into smaller tasks and then set yourself realistic times to accomplish them in. Personally I work better under pressure. At school and University although I would do the research and planning before hand, I would always write up the essay/presentation etc a day or two before. I work better with a set deadline and that pressure to get it completed.

5. Turn Your Goals Into Habits
For instance if your general goal is to be more tidy. Start with making sure washing up is done and put away when you're finished cooking. Or when you get in, instead of sitting down and relaxing, put your shoes and things away instead of leaving them around the house. Once you continue to do something a few times, you end up doing it in autopilot.


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