Oh Christmas Tree

I really never thought I'd see the day where I had a white Christmas tree but this little frosted number has got me feeling some type of way. Pretty much every year I've gone for a black and white themed tree because I'm uber chic and I usually hate colour. But this year I'm feeling red to the point I currently have red painted nails rather than my usual grey or beige. We've also gone for splashed of gold and I did have lights to go all around the room but the £5 lights I brought from Primark died on me at the first hurdle.

 All my decorations are from Primark or Tesco 


  1. So pretty, I love how you've decorated it! x


  2. Noice!
    Is the Christmass tree from tesco?

    1. No its Asda! But it was bought last year. I'm sure there's loads of trees like this though x


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