10 Things You Can Do To Get Yourself Into the Festive Spirit

1. Build/decorate a gingerbread house

My attempt may look like a 5 year old did it but it made me feel festive.

2. Visit Christmas Markets
Have yourself a bratwurst and a hot chocolate with baileys

3. Drink Mulled Wine
Is there anything more Christmassy than the scent of mulled wine. 

4. Decorate your tree 

Obvious but effective

5. Put all of the fairy lights up
Fuck the electricity bill 

6.Watch festive films
Personally Harry Potter is my go to for this. 

7. Wear the tackiest Christmas jumper you can find

Primark is my go to 

8. Listen to a festive playlist
I currently have one with is purely just Ariana Grande and Destiny's Childs Christmas album. Mariah Carey is so overrated

9. Go Christmas shopping 
Even if you only buy gifts for yourself. Its all about balance

10. Eat all of the foods
I don't know why but the second theres a tin of those shortbread biscuits and a tub of Cheeselets are in the cupboard, thats when I know Christmas has really begun.


  1. That house is so cute - it looks lovely.



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