Desk Tour 2016

I truly believe the key to being productive is productive work space that suits you. For some thats working in a coffee shop or a library, I have a friend who stands up and does work because thats what suits them but for me I like a nicely organised desk surrounded by things that inspire me.
My favourite colours are whites, pinks, golds so I've also incorporated those around me. 
I'm not fortunate enough to have a separate room as an office, I attempted to make one in my kitchen but it just felt too cluttered so mine is now in the corner of my room right by my bed.

My Tips for a productive work space;

1. Keep it Lit

I like natural light mostly cause it is good for photography but also it just brightens up my work space. I also have a lamp which I use on my desk for when it goes dark outside and I usually have some form of candle on my desk. 

2. Keep Colourful

I think the Leo in me likes gold, I associate it with focus, success etc so I have a lot of that around my desk. Also I love white, pretty much all of my furniture in my room and house is white, its pure and its clean. 

3. Keep Inspired

I have a postcard from paper chase that says 'dream big'. I have a painting of girl that my dad got me for Christmas and hanging above my desk I have a picture of me, my friend Hannah and my friend who passed away who watches over me. 

4. Keep Organised

On my desk I have a pot filled with pens and rulers etc as well as a few notebooks with all my blog ideas in and I have a chalk board which has all the days of the week on which I try to change weekly to keep me on track of what needs doing 

5. Keep Comfy 

I keep a mug of tea, bottled water or a coffee by the side of me enough so I don't have to move for a couple of hours and to keep my energy levels up. Sometimes I even have snacks or I'll bring food up and sit and do work at my desk with it because nothing quite motivates me like food.

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