Blogging Tips: How To Start A Blog

1. Content 

Firstly decide what kind of content you want to feature. Are you a gamer blog, a food blog, fashion blog, or beauty blog? There's pretty much a blog for everything these days but start with a clear idea of what you want to be posting. You don't have to have a niche and only go for one topic. Most successful bloggers feature a variety of different topics on their blogs but its best to know what direction you want to go in.

2. Pick a Platform 

Whether it be Word Press, Facebook or Blogger. I'm sure there are many more but these are the platforms that spring to mind for me and the places I go to to read blogs. For me I've always used Blogger which is powered by Google. Its not overly complex and easy to understand and its just what I've always gone with. 

3. Get the Right Equipment

You'll need some way to post to the internet. In the very beginning I used the Blogger app and my iPhone 4 and then I moved onto a Chromebook and now I have a Macbook Pro which I love but I think I'd be happy with a regular laptop equally.
You'll also need something to take pictures with. I have a bridge camera and a digital camera but I haven't used either in years. I always just use my iPhone. The quality isn't as great as a DSLR or a decent camera but its still not bad and its what I'm comfortable with. You can start off with a DSLR and big fancy computer but if you don't know how to use or you're not comfortable with them then whats the point. Figure whats right for you and I promise you don't have to spend thousands!

4. Pick a Blog Layout

Blogger is really easy to change backgrounds/fonts etc, I'm not sure what other platforms are like so I can't comment on them. I think the simpler the better but thats just my personal taste. I always look at my blog and think what would I like to read. Please also never have a song playing on your blog unless you're a band and that's what you're going for. Its really Myspace and it puts me off visiting that page and if it doesn't tie in with anything else in the blog its just odd. 

5. Starting Posting 

This is when I'm always really glad I paid attention in English. Make your blog easy to read, make sure its well spaced with a nice readable font and its to the point. Where a post might get a bit lengthy, try bullet points. Make sure you read it back before you post, its well punctuated and lastly it makes sense.
Don't be disheartened when you  don't receive a thousand views on your first post, everyone starts somewhere and try not to keep track of followers etc I know its hard. I find it flattering when even one person takes the time out of their day to write some shit I've wrote.

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