Gold Chrome Nails

I used to be that girl with snapped nails that were either never painted or always chipped until about a year ago I started getting my nails done on the regular. I don't know why but I always had such anxiety about going to a nail salon before, I wasn't a pro and I was worried I would stand out and all the technicians you be like "HAHA Nail virgin". 
So I went with a friend almost a year ago and got acrylics put on. I have naturally long nails anyway but I love the feel of acrylics, unless you bash them. I haven't tried childbirth but I can imagine the pain of hitting or snapping your acrylics is on par.
Long story short, I always now have my nails done, so even when I have a bag full of receipts and cookie crumbs and none of the clothes I have on are ironed; I still feel as though I have my shit together. 
Last week I had a painful accident of getting my nails trapped in a fridge fan and it took the top of one of them off and inspired (copying) my housemate I got my nails did with chrome on the top. I think nearly all salons do this now as its bang on trend. After you've picked your colour they rub a metallic powder over the top and voile you have shiny nails. I've been told it doesn't last all that long but its perfect for a planned night or event.

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