Blogging Tips- How To Keep Inspired

1. Write About Things You Enjoy

This is basics but if you keep writing about things you think people will be interested in rather than what you are interested in you will quickly lose interest and you will not want to write. 

2. Read Other Blogs

Obviously do not copy but I keep most of my inspiration by constantly reading. I'll see a post topic I like and be like I want to write about that also but with my own spin or I'll see something I know nothing about and it will inspire me to learn about it and then share with others. 
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3. Keep Buying Products

Not so easy on the bank balance but when I buy a product I like I instantly want to go home and share it with the world. 

4. Keep Trying New Things

Go new places, try meditating, or learn a new skill. Try making a new recipe or something homemade. Find a new way that keeps you calm. I tried adult colouring books which then inspired me to write one of my most read posts see it here. If your constantly doing new things firstly it keeps you away from boredom and it can give you great ideas to share with your readers.

5. Don't Put Pressure on Yourself and Don't Force It

If you don't feel like it, don't do it. Its as simple as that if your heart isn't in something it can easily come across and you wind up feeling more shit. I went through this last year and I just took some time off as my head wasn't in it and it was the best thing I ever did rather than posting a post once a month where I felt so shit I couldn't even muster the words to type anything. Don't be so hard yourself and always remember that you are human.

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