My Kylie Lip Kit Collection and Review

I only have 4 out of Kylie's now many Lip Kits mostly because they're so god damn expensive to have shipped over. The people who have the whole collection, how do you afford to eat? But they really are worth the stress, the wait and money.
I'm not the sort of girl who remembers to reapply make up in the day so this long lasting matte lipstick is an absolute dream. Even when I did the swatches for this post on my arm I had to scrub red raw to get them gone and even later in the day I could still see Mary Jo K peeking through

Koko K

Probably the most used of all my lip kit and probably my favourite. I'm definitely not a girl to wear pink lipstick but Koko K changed me. Its a subtle dusky pink which was my go to lipstick of choice through Summer and I'm guessing A/W. Thank God she has started selling singles because I am 1000% going to need a repurchase this payday 


The nude of my foursome. I couldn't buy a Lip Kit without getting a nude. This is more of a beige than my other nudes in my lipstick collection. Its most similar to Honey Love by Mac but it lasts a thousand times more.

Mary Jo K

I love a red lipstick. There was a faze when I wore red everyday. Now its more of when I'm feeling feisty. I initially bought Mary Jo K because Christina Aguilera wore it and the 90s girl in me still does every Xtina asks me to. It was also one of the few that wasn't sold out when I went to buy them. Koko K, Posie K and Candy K were the most popular when it first launch and I think most go for a nude cause its a safer option but I've honestly seen this suit so many skin tones. I usually don't go for blue reds but Mary Jo just really gets me. 


My new favourite Autumn shade. My most recent of all my Kylie Lip Kits. Leo was launched around the time of mine and Kylie's birthday in August and were both Leos so even if the shade was hideous I would have probably still bought it. Luckily this burgundy shade is gorgeous and perfect for the upcoming Winter months

All the Kylie Lip Kits and more are available here.

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