Disney Vibes

Disney Vibes

As much as I pretend to be a grown ass 26 year old woman who has her shit together, I can't hide the fact that I still have Mickey Mouse pjs and I love Disney. I don't think you ever truly grow up. Lately I've been noticing a lot of Disney and particularly Mickey/Minnie, in stores. 
As I'm forever on trend, I'm heading to Disney Land Paris in a few weeks with the family and I am beyond excited. 
As with everything in my life I need to make sure my Disney wardrobe is all ready to go so currently on my wishlist is some Disney items on clothing like in the links I've listed below. Now I don't want to be absolutely plastered in Disney, god forbid I look tacky. Saying this I will 1000% be wearing Mickey Mouse ears the entire 4 days and all of the Disney merch I can buy from the stores there. But I just want a few subtle pieces to wear so when I'm in Disney it will be apparent to all the other tourists there I fucking love Disney.

£240 - ifchic.com

£30 - topshop.com

£32 - missselfridge.com

£23 - missselfridge.com

£27 - topshop.com

£20 - mango.com

£11 - uniqlo.com

£11 - teepublic.com