An Ode to Leopard Print

Leopard Print

For me Leopard Print is one of those timeless prints that comes around again every other season which is why I already have so much leopard print incorporated into my wardrobe that I refuse to throw away.
 I remember the first time I realised I loved Leopard Print. My friend's mum had a leopard print scarf that I thought was to die for and the inner Leo in me came out and I instantly wanted it but it took years for me to feel confident enough to wear it. I think my first piece I owned was this leopard print skirt from River Island, which I still have. I'm not sure why  I felt a black bra was ok with a white top but ya know. 

 I remember being told Leopard Print is trashy and I think if you go head to toe with it then yes you can go a bit Bet Lynch. For me its what you pair it with. Simple colours like blacks, browns and whites compliment the print well. Also nothing quite looks better with leopard print than a red lip.

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