10 Tips For Starting University

For most of you Uni go-ers Freshers week started yesterday and today your waking up in halls or a house full of people you don't know that you probably got white girl wasted in front of. It's been 8 years since I was first a fresher, which makes me feel so fucking old but hopefully I'm a little wiser. I did four years of uni so I feel like I experienced a lot from it. These are just a couple of bits of advice for anyone who's about to embark on there first time at University or already at Uni or thinking of going next year.

1. The people you're with in halls/house won't be your only friends

If you get put into halls with people you really get along with then great but for most its not always that way or you often find friendships dwindle after a couple of months. So be careful about committing to who you live with next year early. Trust me you will still get a house! I remember at uni everyone was like all the good houses go before Christmas, just take your time because you will have to live with them for another whole year which is super awkward if by January you hate each other. So before you sign any contracts be super sure!
You will make other friends! Friends from courses, friends from the SU, girls you meet in toilets, girls who are shagging the same guy as you and if your really struggling to make friends...

2. Join a society

But join one that suits you. In first year I joined the cheerleading society which is hilarious to anyone who knows me because I can't dance and I have zero co-ordination but I look cute in a cheer leading outfit so I thought that'd be enough to get me through and it'd be like in American films and all the sporty boys would like me. This is not the case. So in my second, second year I joined Drama society which again wasn't great because I had to dance and sing to which neither I'm particularly good at. But I made friends and it helped build my confidence.

3. Dress up a lot

I think its all part of uni that you have to experience, you have to dress up as a school girl at least 4 times before you graduate and if your like me you'll go out as the hulk at least once too. You can get loads of cheap fancy dress things on Amazon and Ebay also get inventive and make your own costumes. And if you do buy anything in Ann Summers you'll be able to use it in years after uni and cringe at pictures of you in a nightclub at the age of 18 in a flight attendants outfit in pants that say "cock pit" on them.

4. Pick a course you love not just for a career

Obviously if you have a career in mind that you know you'll love that follow your dreams but my love and passion was always art and fashion and I chose Psychology because I thought I'd become a psychologist. I now know myself a little and know I could not cope with that career and the stress it would bring so I wish I'd followed what I loved. Also its not too late to change courses if you decide your course isn't for you after a few weeks of lectures. If you've already picked a course and you feel its not for you, speak to your lecturers or your students union for advice about changing.

5. Embrace everything

Go to every SU night or event. Make thousands of friends. Take a billion photos. Make a million memories. 
3-4 years will absolutely fly by. Going to uni was the best thing I ever did. I had the best times and I had the worst times and I wouldn't change anything for the world. Enjoy it whilst it lasts.
And always remember the things that happen at uni don't always matter in the real world, they might seem like a big deal now but think to yourself will this matter in a year or so's time.
Also please don't be that person who gets into a relationship in the first week, makes no friends and then when the relationship eventually sizzles out their all alone. You need some girlfriends too hoes before bros.


This is for some probably their first time from home for some and maybe there first time really being able to let loose. Know your limits. We all know that girl or guy at Freshers who got absolutely wasted. Enjoy yourself but don't get to the point you can't walk or put yourself in any danger. This is really boring I know but get insurance. Unfortunately horrible people know Freshers are vulnerable and take advantage of this. Make sure you always lock your windows and doors. So many horror stories come from Freshers week of people being robber. And for fucks sake if you have sex, use a condom!

7. Don't be afraid to fail

So I restarted my first year twice because I didn't like my course and then I got to my third year and I knew I wanted to drop out for various reasons. I pondered about it for ages and I realised I should when the only reason I was staying was because I didn't want other people to think I was a failure. I remember after I did eventually drop out my Grampy told me he was disappointed and thought I'd wasted all my time and money. But I don't see it as a waste as as I've mentioned for me it was the best thing I ever did and dropping out was the right thing for me at the time and I still have a higher national diploma from it and I wouldn't have the job, friends or house I have now if I hadn't of gone to uni and left. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't always trust your gut.

8. Make your room feel like home

I constantly re-invented my room every year with a new theme. It used to bug me going to other peoples rooms and seeing there was literally no personality to it. You spend a heck of a lot of time there and for most people its there first time away from home so make it cosy. Primark home is amazing for this also Tesco and T K Maxx. Photo collages were always my fave and nothing beats cute cushions and cosy throws to make a room feel like home.

9. Get Organised

Uni is the time the one time in your life you NEED to be super organised in terms of balancing social life, home life, lectures, deadlines and everything else in between so you're going to need all the accessories to go with this. See below for my ideas

10. And Have fun!

Before you know you know it you'll be an adult paying bills and spending your Saturday nights in with your cats

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