How to Spend Sunday's Off Work

Working in hospitality; Sundays are well sought after and extremely cherished. Today was one of those Sunday's. I like to get the perfect balance of chilling out but also being productive and also spending time alone but also seeing friends. 

Today started with an extremely healthy food shop and chilling on the sofa with my favourite pal Mowgli. Then naturally with a fridge full of food I went out for dinner and had a lovely roast with my best friend Hira. I went for the vegetarian option as I'm trying to cut back on meat and dairy again and it was bloody amazing. Then we finished a bottle of wine between us came home and took some half drunk selfies and then intend to chill watching films under a faux fur blanket and prepare for the week ahead. This week is going to be pretty exciting as I'm going to Dublin on Wednesday which is kind of a spur of the moment thing but I'm really excited. Irish accents though. 

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