11 Things You Can Do Rather Than Be on Social Media

We all love scrolling through twitter and stalking our exes girlfriends pet dogs uncle on instagram but sometimes constantly looking at the "perfect" lives people post on the internet isn't a healthy way to live so lately I'll leave my phone upstairs and I'll consciously make the time to do something other than be on my phone, the following are a few of my suggestions;

1. Read a book 

I find when I am stressed getting lost in another world helps. Not only does it expand your vocabulary  and distract you from other things I also finding reading a book before bed helps me sleep a thousand times better.

2. Play a video game

Again getting lost in another world helps. Probably not healthy if you replace being on your phone 12 hours a day for being on your Xbox but an hour here or there.
Studies have shown that playing video games has a huge positive affect on the mind including being a great cure for depression and slowing the aging process down.

3. Go for a walk 

Leave your phone at home or take a camera, go with a friend, go for a hike. Studies show that being out in the sun makes you feel better and increases dopamine levels which make you feel happier. Being indoors all day is not healthy!

4. Hang out with friends/ friends

Nothing makes me happier than being around friends or family. Instead of all speaking on a whatsapp group all arrange to meet and do something have a film night and you're never too old for a sleepover.

5. Eat out with friends
Leave your phones all in a pile in the middle of the table and whoever picks up their phone first foots the bill.

6. Play with a pet 

Call me a crazy cat lady but spending time playing or grooming my little pals Mowgli and Baloo calms me down and makes me very happy especially when they're being ridiculously cute. If you don't have a pet then ask a friend who has one or they're services where you can rent a dog for the day and dog sit for someone else who has a pet.

7. Write

A blog post, a diary entry, a short story, whatever takes your fancy. Personally I find this the most therapeutic as I love to write but it depends whats comfortable for you.

8. Draw 

Colouring books are so good for therapy and relaxation unless you can't colour in the lines like myself but I love nothing more than sitting and drawing. I either do it whilst watching tv or listening to music

9. Watch a film

Or a new TV show, buy some popcorn and order a take away and make an evening out of it.

10. Bake

A cake or a meal for yourself or get friends round and make a feast 

11. Play a board game

Just not monopoly as that ends friendships and always ends in the board being over turned.

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