Where I've Been- Becoming an Auntie again and Visiting Dismaland

Hello.... its me

I haven't blogged in over 3 months and then suddenly today I just had the urge to start writing again.

I'm not 100% sure why I stopped. It was a lot of things really. My life got super busy and I got quite ill and the longer I left it the more it felt hard to open up Blogger and begin typing. But I've missed writing.

I have always loved writing. Just ask any of my ex lovers. I don't write break up texts. I write break up essays.
I just like to write every thought and feeling down without really thinking about what you have written and then you look back and you're like oh god, why did I send that.
FYI "Oh God, Why did I send that?" Will be the name of my autobiography. 

So instead of blogging over the last 3 months I've filled my life with the 3 f's; friends, family and food. Yesterday I learned how to fix a washing machine. My life is riveting now I'm 25.
 Maybe that's why I haven't bothered to blog because I've become boring and I struggle to imagine why anyone would want to read about my boring little life but here I am again regardless.

 Landmark things that have happened in the last 3 months include;
  • Became an auntie for the second time. Beautiful Sebastian was born 3 weeks ago. I'm in love. 

  • I learnt how to make American style pancakes and seriously have become a little addicted
  • I became 25 and I didn't cry about it once. 

  • I went up a cup size #boobs
  • I went to a spa for the first time
  • I became a vegetarian, a pescatarian and now I'm a part time carnivore again and feel oh so guilty about it so I'm planning to go back to a vegetarian life.
  • I live alone again. My housemate has moved on to greener pastures and now lives with his boyfriend. So I am once again living alone. Which most people would hate, but I adore. Other than the 1am, oh-my-god-someones-going-to-murder-me-in-my-sleep-and-no-one-will-know-because-I-live alone. Other than that its amazing.
  • I read a lot of books. I watched a lot of Netflix. I took a lot of selfies with cats

  • I went to Dismaland. 

  • I discovered Deliveroo and possibly never want to eat home cooked food again.

  • I went to London. I rode a ricksaw singing Justin Bieber at 1am through Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden.

  • I went to Knowsley Safari Park 

All of this I will probably blog about in future posts but if I don't and I forget or I leave it another 3 months, please don't get angry at me. Thanks bye

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