Camping/Festival Essentials

As mentioned over this weekend I have gone away camping for a couple of days with the family. And I'm having to travel quite light due to getting a train down and I have twig arms that can't carry all that much. 
Below are my list of camping/festival essentials

1. Back pack: this one is from Primark. Super cute and fits all my essentials
2. Tights: For any laddering or just in case you go bare legged and then it gets cold later. Plus at night, tights under pjs are the perfect way to warm up. 
3. Socks: For cold night times.
4. Shades: Because of the sun and also because who doesn't look fucking cool in sunglasses. 
5. Hat: This pink one is from Primark perfect for a bad hair today or to protect your head from the sun rays, or most likely rain.

6. Several pairs of sunglasses
7. Bikini: This blue one is from Missguided, (buy yours here)
8. Shorts and a t-shirt: The Black Mom shorts are from Topshop (buy yours here) and the Beach Vibes top is Missguided (buy yours here).
9. Tangle teezer: something every girl should carry in her handbag daily (Buy yours here)
10. Sun tan: Piz Buin is my absolute favourite sun lotion.

All of the above is from Primark
11. Pillow: For any car/train journeys and obviously for bed time
12. A blanket: As well as a sleeping bag
13. Hair bands/hair grips
14. Beach Towel

What are your camping/festival essentials?

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