What To Do When Visiting Bath

I went to Bath a good 2-3 weeks ago with my Dad and Sister. I've been to Bath previously but I've never been to the Roman Baths so whilst we were there again this time I urged my Dad and sister to take me and I highly recommend it, if you ever find yourself visiting Bath. Bath in general is such a beautiful city to visit and the baths are truly beautiful and historic.
 I feel quite Karl Pilkington about it all though and although it's such a beautiful place to visit, it is kind of ruined by so many tourists with selfie sticks.

Coat: Topshop (similar here)

 I'm all for photos to capture memories and I love a selfie and I took so many photos of the baths so I'd have memories to last a life time but I wandered round people watching and I felt like they didn't really appreciate what they were viewing because they were too busy trying to take the perfect selfie. I'm sure that if the Romans knew that they're beautiful elegant architecture was now being used as a selfie spot, they'd be rolling in their graves.

It was a chance to wear my gorgeous new duster coat from Topshop. I was tempted to by the sleeveless version which you can find here (my with sleeve version isn't online). But I feel like I will get more wear out of this one. Its timeless where as sleeveless coats are a trend that will probably fizzle out in a couple of months. That being said, I will still probably buy one as I am obsessed but it will most likely be something more affordable and not £60+.

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