June 2015's Reading List

#GIRLBOSS: Sophia Amouroso

As mentioned here in my April's favourites post I bought #GIRLBOSS a while ago and fell in love. Sophie Amouroso is the CEO of Nasty Gal, a well established online clothing store that do the absolute most gorgeous pieces. Though I've yet to purchase anything from their I lust after it daily. Anyway, Sophia started off with absolute no idea what she was doing with her life and began selling vintage clothes on eBay in a store called NastyGal Vintage. She became very, very successful doing so and eventually launched her own website. It's a very inspiring feminist kinda book that when finishing it I immediately wanted to go open my own clothes store. Buy it here.

A Clash of Kings: George R.R. Martin

The second in the ASOIAF series. I am up to date with the TV series Game of Thrones but the books are so different have so much more back stories and different characters. I love nothing more than getting lost in the world of Westeros. I'm very slowly working my way through them. I tend to read them to send me to sleep before bed and I just end up falling asleep after one chapter. Although I don't want to rush through them to much cause I don't want to wait ages for Winds of Winter. Come on George, release it already. Buy it here.

Heart Shaped Box: Joe Hill

I found this book via Buzz Feed with their recommended reading list. Joe Hill (born Joseph Hillstrom King) is the son of Stephen King and is naturally a horror author. His book Heart Shaped Box is about an ageing Rocker who collects morbid memorabilia. He eventually collects a ghost that traps inside a heart shaped box. Very scary and not my usual read but absolutely loved it. Buy it here.

Selfish: Kim Kardashian-West

Complete guilty pleasure. There's not much to this book. It is just lots and lots of selfies of Kim. It doesn't reveal anything massively its just a nice thing to flick through and try and guess what surgery Kim has had done to her face. Would only recommend if a huge fan of Kim. Buy it here.

Secrets and Lies: The Truth Behind The Headlines Sam Faiers (not pictured)

Again a bit of a guilty pleasure. But of all the TOWIE/MIC/Geordie Shore lot etc, Sam is one of the ones who I actually don't mind and think is relatable. She's gone through a lot and suffered with Cron's disease as well as Trichotillomania.
 I read her first book and then I saw this in the supermarket and thought I'd have a read of it. It's the kind of book that you can definitely read in a day and is a little trashy but perfect for by the pool. It mostly is about Joey Essex and the end of their relationship and mostly about what a knob he appears to be. It was definitely a good read and full of gossip about how fake and manufactured TOWIE is. Nothing revolutionary but again if you like Sam and you like the how reality tv thing I would say its for you. 
My dad who pretends he hates it all but seems to watch it more than I do would love this. Buy it here.

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