Current Favourite iPhone Apps: June 2015


I'm obsessed with Buzzfeed when ever I have a spare minute I'm scrolling through their latest news stories or list posts. The app is really easy to use and handy for when you're bored with nothing to do.


 An app that is designed to help anxiety. It has some meditation workouts and allows the user to set different goals daily to help overcome anxiety and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can also track your mood and your health so for instance you can track how much caffeine you have a day or how much time you spend with friends. Would highly recommend to any anxiety sufferers.


Although most of the apps on here I think are extremely useful and iPhone's can bring a world of helpfulness its also extremely unhealthy to spend so much time on your phone. Not to mention rude. How many times do you see friends, family or couples out and everyone is just constantly on their phone. Moment helps track how much time you spend on your phone. There's even an upgrade you can pay so you only have a set amount of time on your phone and after that your phone is no longer accessible. 


An amazing shopping app thats a bit like tinder but for clothes. It presents clothes, bags, shoes etc and you can swipe left or swipe right; much like Tinder. You can change the settings so they only include certain brands and a sticks to a price range. Really clever and great for when you want to shop but you're feeling uninspired.


I love a good photo collage and this is by far the best photo collage app I have seen. There's not much two it, its clean, gives you a good choice of frames and it doesn't pop up with loads of ads like the other apps I've used previously.

I've heard Audible mentioned for months and months on various Youtube ads and always liked the idea of it. Then at 2am the other morning when I couldn't sleep I decided I would like to be read a bed time story so I dowloaded their app and signed up. I fell asleep within minutes of listening. Nothing more soothing than being read to.
 Plus your first book is free if you sign up for their subscription. 

All can be bought for free from the App Store on any iPhone

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