15 Ways to Overcome Blogger's Block

1. Write whenever you get inspiration: Whenever you get and idea write it down in a notebook. I keep one beside my bed because I'm forever thinking of ideas just before I drift off. It's when I'm at my most creative.

2. Take photos: I tend to take photos in one go and then write up posts later. Rather than take a photo, write a post. You get much more done and you get focused on one thing at once. If you feel inspired about whatever your photographing, then quickly jot some notes down and write it up properly later.

3. Read other blogs for inspiration: Inspiration not imitation. It is hard when everyone's doing the same thing but try looking at other's writing styles or the way they photograph things. See if there's anything you can apply to your blog. Even look at blogs that are completely different from yours. Look at a cooking blog if you write about beauty. You never know if you could learn something.

4. Revamp your blog: Go through and change a font or the background. Try a new layout. See if that trigger's any inspiration.

5. Find inspiration outside the blog: Read books or look at art. Get creative. You don't have to do the same tag every other blogger is doing.

6. Take a break: Sometimes the best thing to do is to take a break. There is no pressure on you to upload every single day. Sometimes you just need a day off. Go and do something completely unrelated to blogging

7. Take a walk: Don't take your phone or any music and just walk for a bit, clear your head and just think about your environment.

8. Take a shower: I don't know why but my best ideas come to me in the shower.

9. Listen to music: whether that be relaxing or something more upbeat. Just listen to music and do nothing else. 

10. Lock yourself away: Put your phone in one room, turn your wi-fi off and just sit with your laptop and word open. Or if you really can't trust yourself to procrastinate sit with a pen and paper. 

11. Brainstorm: Start with one big idea and then begin to spiral off little ideas relating to that. For instance you could start with beauty, off of that stems make up, then lipsticks, then Mac, Topshop, Bourjois, then reviews and then you have the idea to review and compare all of your favourite lipstick brands.

12. Clean your environment: Where ever it is you work whether it be a desk, a bed, an office or your bedroom. Organise it. Declutter and rearrange things. 

13. Try a different environment: Leave the house for a bit. Try going to a friend's or be that person sat in Starbucks on your Mac. Go to the park if its a nice day and write on word or a note pad.

14. Go shopping: Nothing inspires me more than buying clothes or make up. I always end up finding a new outfit to photograph or a new product to review.

15. Read over your blog: Find 5 things you liked and 5 things you disliked. Analyse it, but in a positive way. How often do you actually read through your blog? See it through the eyes of your readers. Learn from your mistakes and from your successes. What are your most viewed posts?


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