April Wishlist #1: Stripes for Under £20

It's quite apparent that I've fully hopped on bored the latest stripe trend, as you can see in posts here, here, here and my February Wishlist here.

Even though they are totally 'in' right now, I was always taught to follow fashion over trends so when I buy pieces I think, 'will I wear this in two seasons time', cause buying something for £40 that's just a fad is a bad investment. 

Stripes however are timeless and something you can indulge in, in years to come. I have however found some beautiful pieces that all fit nicely under that £20 mark so you don't have to break the bank to look good. 

Top: Left to right: Dress: Topshop £18, Top: Monki £15, Crop Top: Topshop £12
Bottom: Left to right: Jacket: Boohoo £12, Scrunchie: Topshop £4, Midi Skirt: Boohoo £8, Shirt: H&M £14.99

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