April 2015's Favourites

April's Favourites

90's Classics

 I've been loving a bit of 90's throwbacks in terms of the films I've been watching. I bought Romy and Michelle's high school reunion which is such a bad/good film that is such a cult classic. It's about two girls who go back to their high school reunion (if you couldn't tell from the title) but it's so much more. Buy yours here

I've also been watching Clueless which again is such a cult classic. I always feel a deep spiritual connection to Clueless because after my first ever heartbreak it was the first film I watched that remotely had love in it because for weeks all I could stomach was Two and a Half Men.

 Buy Clueless here.


New favourite reading material by Sophie Amoruso the CEO and founder of Nasty Gal which is seriously one of my favourite online stores. Her story is so inspiring and a feminist I really loved her zero fucks given attitude and how she worked hard to become her own boss. Buy yours here.


It is Spring after all. I'm serious loving fresh flowers at the moment. I'm really considering one of those floral delivery services so I get new ones weekly.

MAC Lipsticks

When I am not in love with MAC though? This month I bought Twig and Pure Zen, as I'm really feeling more nude esque lipsticks over purples/reds. Will be reviewing shortly.


In love with my geometric print bedding from Primark. I'm trying to add more colour into my life after channeling so much monochrome for so long. It sounds strange but I've noticed since I've changed my bedding from monochrome to more colourful I'm much attracted to colours.

Also bought this gorgeous bird painting from TK Maxx

Game of Thrones

My favourite show started back up and I'm totally in love so far. I seriously need to get round to finishing the ASOIAF books. 

Eating and Drinking Out

Eating Clean

As you can see I've been pretty rubbish all April with take outs and eating out so towards the end I started to think about eating clean again which involves lots of smoothies and salads. I actually really like healthy foods I can just get super lazy and its so easy to just not cook and get someone else to. I will be good in May!

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