5 Favourite Albums of All Time

I'm not like a serious music listener. I don't listen to cool bands or go to gigs. My music taste is electic but it's pretty mainstream. But music has had a huge influence on my life.

 Ever since I was 4 years old I would sit and sing on a swing in my back garden and then I really got into music as I got a bit older. Music has always been an escape for me. Whether its from family stuff or boy drama. Music gets me. If I can't sleep, music helps me fall to sleep. If I'm feeling shitty I can put music on and instantly feel pumped. 

I can probably think of 5 albums that really stand out as being soundtracks to parts of my life. As I mentioned above, I am in no way a 'cool' music listener and these aren't ground breaking albums put they represent certain things to me.

1. Christina Aguilera-Stripped:

Up until I heard Stripped I never actually listened to an entire albums worth of tracks. I would listen to the songs that had been released on the radio and the rest I'd just skip over.

 I first really got into Christina Aguilera when I watched her Dirrty video. As a shy 14 year old who wasn't confident about her body watching this young twenty something strut around and not give an eff just made me want to be like her. Leather chaps and all. 
And then I heard 'Beautiful' which became an anthem to all insecure girls everywhere. 

 I bought Stripped one excited Saturday from a market in Bristol and vividly remember going home and listening to it straight away locked away in my bedroom.

Initially I just listened to the songs I knew and then I accidentally heard Fighter. The intro was strong heavy guitars and her gravelly voice carried so much anger. This would become my break up song of choice for future relationships to come and just my general life soundtrack.

 Can't hold us down soon became a Feminist favourite. Christina was the first to bring about this idea of being a strong independent woman (who don't need no man). It's not like I was surrounded by anyone saying "You're a woman, you won't amount to anything" there just wasn't many female role models close to me who were empowering me or showing me that women are strong and powerful. Up until then I either thought I'd become a singer/actress/model or a house wife.

 Can't hold us down opened my eyes and made me realise that women are men are equal and if a man talks about sex or is a sexual being then it's fine but a girl is instantly a whore and this is something I fight very strongly to this day.

Not only did Stripped feature some super feminist songs it also displayed Christina's sensitive side with songs like Infatuation, that she's not afraid to be weak with Walk Away and her darker side with I'm Okay, probably the song I relate to the most.

2. Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP/ The Eminem Show:

Whilst Christina taught me how to be a feisty feminist. Eminem brought out all my teenage angst and taught me I'm a badass rapper with mad skillz. It's hard to pick which influenced me the most as I got into Eminem quite late to the party and bought all his albums at the same time. Kim is my all time favourite angry song. As seriously deep and disturbing as that may be. Cleaning out my closet is again a song I can seriously relate to and something I probably listen to on a weekly basis.

I still hold very proudly that I can rap the entirety of both these albums. Go on, challenge me I dare ya.

3. Nirvana- Nevermind

I had heard of Nirvana, of course because who hadn't and I rolled my eyes in music class when my teacher said he would play us a track as part of some sort of exercise to play different genres. He played Smells Like Teen Spirit, probably Nirvanas most well known track. The minute I heard that guitar intro my heart went, the drums. Then that raspy voice began "Load up on guns". I was effing hell this guy is cool.

 I went home and found my dad had Nirvanas album Nevermind, this was also about the time I discovered my dad is really fricking cool. I became obsessed. I read up everything I knew about Kurt. His tragic story was so endearing to me. This is about when I discovered I like disturbed bad boys with a dark past. I don't think I look like your typical Kurt Cobain fan. I'm not grungey, my hair is washed and as I've stated a couple of times, I'm really not cool. But I guess I'm breaking stereotypes over here.

4. Beyonce- Beyonce:

 I've always loved Beyonce. I loved her in Destiny's Child. And Survivor is probably my favourite song of all time, to the point ive considered having the opening lyrics tattoo'd to my body. 
I enjoyed Dangerously in Love. Around the same time I was embracing Xtina and Slim I was discovery Bey. I also liked I am/Sasha Fierce and B'day was a little wishy washy but last year I fell in love with her self titled album Beyonce. I remember the day the album dropped. There was a frenzy on Facebook and all over the Internet. I didn't download it immediately I must admit. But a couple of days later like the sheep I am, I followed the herd and downloaded it. I watched the visual album first which is something I'm very grateful for.  

The first song I fell in love with was probably Yonce/Partition. Shortly after was Flawless. Which over the last year I have probably listened to every morning walking into work. It's my ultimate Pep Talk song. A term I use for any song that you listen to and gets you all fired up to be like "yep I can do this shit".

5. Katy Perry- Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection:

 I always kind of liked Katy Perry, but last year I realised Katy Perry is my spirit animal. One day bored on Netflix I decided to watch Part of Me. Katy Perry's documentary. 

At the time I was going through a break up and for those of you who aren't a 14 year old girl and you haven't watched it, she realises her marriage to Russell Brand is over and she has to be on stage in a couple of hours. Up until the point she gets on to the stage she is bawling her eyes out and you can see she is physical pain. She gets on the stage and performs her ass off and you wouldn't have known her inner turmoil. This really spoke to me. And kind of a mirror image of my entire life.

Featuring on this documentary are songs from her album Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, my fifth favourite album.
 The title song Teenage Dream reminds me of one summer several years back when I was falling for a boy who turned out to be a dick, much like Russell Brand who the song is about but it reminds me of a young carefree naive Hannah that believed in the teenage dream.

 Wide Awake reminds me of the beginning of last year and Not Like The Movies has my favourite line from a song ever "If stars don't align if it doesn't stop time, if you can't see the signs, wait for it" basically if you're not sure about someone you probably don't like them all that much. Equally if you're not sure if someone likes you, they probably don't. If people like you or you like other people, its usually very clear.

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