30 Signs You're Becoming An Adult

1. You like candles.

2. Like you really like candles, you're willing to spend £40 on one from Jo Malone.

3. Baths and showers are no longer places to just get clean but they are relaxing places where you can get inspired or forget about the world.

4. And you buy all of the products to ensure your bath/shower is so much more enjoyable.

5. You like to have a glass of wine at the end of a hard day's work.

6. You get a 2 day hangover after one glass of wine.

7. Every time you're slightly nauseous or an hour late for a period you buy 10 pregnancy tests. 

8. Babies are suddenly everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, in the streets, in your work. Where have they all appeared from?

9. Every family gathering is an interrogation. When are you getting married? When are you going to have babies? When are you going to grow up and get a real job?

10. You spend more money on pjs than dresses for nights out because that's all you spend your time in when you're not working.

11. Suddenly things like anti-wrinkle creams and SPF seem very important.

12. All of the things on those JML adverts seem like things you need in your life. A gold iron for £50 and a blender with 400 different settings are things you need in your life.

13. You ask for kitchen appliances for birthdays/christmas because suddenly having a slow cooker seems very important.

14. Going to a night club seems like the worst places in the world but a nice bar/pub where the musics not too loud or too crowded is the absolute dream.

15. Instagram feels very important. You spend hours ensuring every one thinks you lead a very glamorous life.

16. But really you spend your nights in drinking wine and watching Netflix.

17. You couldn't name one song in the top 20.

18. You only know what 'bae' is because you googled it and now you use it ironically. You're so hip.

19. You ask things like "Do kids say hip anymore?".

20. It scares you that people who are turning 18 this year were born in 1997!!! 1997!!! 

21. Sometimes you just need to have a sit down.

22. You worry about napping because it might mess up your sleeping pattern.

23. Coffee is very important to you.

24. As is drinking enough water. 70% of coffee is water so that counts, right?

25. You buy practical clothes. Yeah its gorgeous but its £200 and I'll only wear it once.

26. You've straightened out your face to see what you'd look like with botox.

27. And you've looked up how much botox is. £200?? That's like 5 Jo Malone candles.

28. Every day you say things that make you realise that you're turning into your parents. 

29. You worry about bills and leaving lights on in the house. And it annoys you that your parents every time you do.

30. Food shop day is more exciting than Christmas. Nothing beats a full fridge, right?

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