Why Haters Are Your Biggest Fans

A wise girl once said "Haters are my motivators". I've mentioned her before on here and she is probably one the single most influences on my life. She was a carefree young thing who empitimized giving zero fucks and no matter what people said about her, I never once saw her get upset or even slightly fazed by it. She was unapologetically herself.

I on the other hand was sensitive and worried what people thought of me. I can be quite shy when you first meet me, I'm an introvert and I'm not one to get up and try and be the centre of attention. I also have chronic bitchy resting face so people either meet and think a) I'm a bitch b) I'm rude c) I'm pissed off d) all of the above. I also would worry about writing a post on Facebook or saying the wrong thing. God what if people think I'm not funny or I'm offensive.

She taught me to not worry about what people think. Firstly people are usually to busy worrying what other people think of them to worry about you. And secondly, you're not going to be liked by everyone, this is a fact of life. You are a not perfect and there are going to be flaws about you that people just can not stand. You need to learn to love you and not worry about what other human beings think about you. If you love you, it kind of doesn't matter if no one else does.

With this whole blogging thing I've had people be very critical, which I kind of always knew would happen. When I first started blogging I deleted like 4 different ones before actually sticking with this one because I didn't think they were good enough. I'm not very good with photography, I have no idea what I'm doing with html, I have tried several times to buy my own domain and I just can't figure it the fuck out.

Even when I started this one I didn't share it. I didn't want anyone to really read it I just liked doing it for me. Then I slowly put the links on Instagram and twitter, then sharing the links when I wrote a new post etc. And its been a long unconfident self critical ride.

 And not always self critical but other people being critical. And it is hard and on one occasion I went to delete it but then I realised it doesn't really matter. For every person who has something negative to say there are 5 more people who have something positive. Plus I really love doing it. It makes me happy and I love having something to look back and to see how far I've progressed. So why would I stop doing something that makes me happy?

The girl who inspired me to be carefree and not give a fuck what people say, recently passed away. And although I'm heart broken she's still inspiring me. I feel like I'm wanting to post more opinionated posts and more personal things because life is too short to worry about what people think about you or what you're doing.

At the end of the day if you dislike me and you've clicked on this to make fun of me, that doesn't make me sad. That makes you sad and I feel very, very sorry for you. Whilst you're there stalking my life, I'm living it and loving it and giving absolutely zero fucks.

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