What's on my iPhone

What's on my iPhone

I have everything on my iPhone neatly stored into little files. I can't deal with people who have apps just everywhere. HOW DO YOU GUYS LIVE. I have my messages, contacts, safari and music at the bottom as these are definitely the things I use the most.


Calendars: Which I'm currently really into using. My memory is awful and I use this calendar to set myself reminders or alarms so I remember things. It's amazing for any unorganised gals who are trying to be much more organised I would recommend it.

Reminders: I don't actually use to remind myself of anything

Notes: Usually filled with to do lists and shopping lists. I like lists.

Buddhify: which is the most amazing app. I struggle so bad drifting off but using the "Cant Sleep" option I fall asleep within 10 minutes. It's amazing. I've never really used any of the other options but I will probably get round to that one day.

Photos and Camera

Photos/Videos: Mostly filled with 2000 worth of selfies and cat pictures. I'm really awful at clearing them out. It's usually only when my iPhone memory is full I delete them as a last resort.

Pic Collage: I use for any collages.

Over: An awesome app which you can write different fonts on pictures. Quite useful for blog posts.


Pretty much where all the boring stuff lives...


App Store and iTunes Store: Where I spend far too much money on.

Tesco and Asda: I alternate between these two as my grocery store of choice depending on whether their delivery driver has been nice to me on a previous visit. I religiously order food shops online. I swear by it. As I live alone with no car lugging lots of shopping back is not an option with my twig like arms so I always order online. You can sometimes get delivery for like £1 and I spend so much less than when I go in to a store. You can edit it up until 11/12 the night before so you can get rid of stuff you realise you don't need or add things you've forgot about. Honestly if you have never tried ordering your food shop online try it this week and see how stress free it all is.

Topshop: Obviously my favourite clothing store and I love their app. I did have a lot more online clothes store apps but I didn't like them and they crashed, it was easier just to use safari but Toyshop's is amazing. Each month I add stuff from the 'New In' bit to my basket and it stays there until I purchase it. Admittedly it is usually like a grands worth of stuff and I have to remove a lot but a girls got to dream.

Natwest: Where I do all my online banking. It's so easy to transfer money to and from.

Dominos: And then dominos just cause...


Kim Kardashian Game: I got really addicted to this and then my husband left me and I couldn't be arsed anymore. Highly addictive.

Candy Crush: Soda: More addictive than the original and I think a little harder. Obsessed.

Podcasts: Only has the Scott Mills Daily on. My favourite radio show and when I get the chance I listen to the Podcasts, they literally make me laugh out loud.

iBooks: Has quite a few books in currently ASOIAF series, Mindy Kaling's book and Tina Fey's. I do prefer to read proper real life books but I often get too impatient late at night and end up downloading them rather than waiting for Amazon to deliver them or for the shops to open the next day.

Cbeebies: is my nephews I swear... Every time I see him he makes me download it so I've just kept it on there for him now cause he expects it.

Sky+: Amazing to record shows when you're out and about to make sure you can still catch up with your fave shows.

And no idea why Stocks is in there....

Social Media

Pintrest: One of my most beloved apps. I love looking for inspiration on here. I'm kind of rubbish at actually updating it myself but I love it for a good browse

Twitter: follow me

Time hop: Where the ghosts of exes past live and where I can look back on what an idiot I used to be

Instagram: follow me

Snapchat: Where I send hideous pictures of my face to friends and attempt to be funny.


Blogger: I love this app for copying blog posts I've wrote on my phone straight onto a draft but the app is no where near as good as the online version. Uploading pics via there reduces the quality of them drastically but its a good tool to have.

Bloglovin: Follow me here. My favourite place to look for new blogs. I honestly could spend hours on here just strolling through blog posts and finding new blogs to read

Tumblr: A lot like Pintrest I use it mostly to scroll. I have previously tried to update but blogging, Facebook, twitter and instagram are the only social media I can keep up with.

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