What's in my bag 2015

I bought this mint green bag from Justfab in time for spring where I will be parading a lot of pastel colours just as I did the year before.

1. Vogue: Quite hefty to carry around every day but if I know I'm going on a long journey or I'm going to have some time to kill, nothing makes me happier than reading Vogue or any other type of magazine really.

2. Paperchase Umbrella: Have I mentioned I like monochrome? It matches my iPhone case

(Buy the umbrella here and the phone case here)

3. River Island Purse: Again pastels, bought for me for my birthday last year by the gals at work. 

4. iPhone: (see whats on my iPhone here)

5. Ibrofen: Always be prepared. I get migraines quite frequently so I always need some sort of pain relief on me.

6. Passport: For ID and because you never know when you'll need to hop on a plane.

7. Tangle Teezer: 

8. Nail File: My nails grow really long and as I never really bother to paint them anymore I need something to keep them tame.

9. Note Books/ Diary: For organisation and you never know when you'll get a good blog post idea.

10. Topshop Sunglasses: For those rare sunny days/ when your eyes need covering for hangovers.

11. Topshop Eyebrow Palette: For when those brows need re-doing.

12. Pen: To jot down those blog post ideas.

13. Chewing Gum: To keep minty fresh at all times.

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