Top 10 Favourite TV Shows on Netflix (UK)

This isn't sponsored by Netflix, I promise I just really love Netflix. I'm definitely a TV show kinda gal over films. I have a short attention span and get very bored very easy so I need shows that are fresh and different on each episode so that I will be kept interested. I think my taste in shows is quite varied  and random. I don't like particular genre's I just like things that interest me. 

Not in rating order...

-Orange is The New Black-

A series about a Piper Chapman who is sentenced to 15 months in prison after being convicted of a crime she committed 10 years prior. It centres around Piper but you also see glimpses of the other inmates lives and how they ended up in prison.

I binged watched this when the second season came out and pretty much didn't see daylight for 4 days. Definitely worth the hype. It's funny, its endearing, its entertaining and it keeps you guessing. You think someone's an asshole and it turns out they're actually just misunderstood.

-Pretty Little Liars-

It's a show about a group of friends who begin being sent anonymous texts after the disappearance of one of their friend Alison. They all shared dark secrets with one another and as the series progresses the anonymous texter, 'A', outs their secrets and gets them in a lot of trouble. It's kind of like Desperate Housewives but with teens.

I'm currently on season 5 after starting this at the beginning of February. I would say the first season is a little slow but as of the second everyone keeps dying and once you think you've sussed out who A is then bam they throw in a curve ball and you have absolutely no idea. I'm still in season 5 and still do not know who 'A' is.

-Peep Show-

Centres around Mark and Jeremy two room mates who have absolutely nothing in common. Mark has a steady job and Jez is a would be musician. It's unique because nearly all of it is shot in point of view.

Honestly one of the most funniest comedies I have ever watched I feel like myself and Mark have a very similar sense of humour. 


Is a show that centres around Jack Bauer and CTU (counter terrorist unit) agent. The entire series is set in one day with the clock counting down every second. Every series he encounters a new bad guy (or girl) and pretty much everyone you like turns out to be a terrorist or aiding a terrorist or in love with a terrorist. It's brilliant. Jack Bauer was one of my all time favourite crushes as a teenager 

-The Killing (US Version)-
Who killed Rosie Larson? I spent a good few weeks binge watching The US version of the killing to find out exactly who it was and the ending was so bloody good. I did not see it coming at all.
The series centres around the murder of a young girl name Rosie Larson and two detectives Linden and Holder. After this I had a slight crush on Holder, is that weird? Anyway the first two series were brilliant and you don't find out who actually killed Rosie till the end of the second. The third was good but the ending of the third left me a bit like what the. Thoroughly recommend it though.


Until I met Dexter I never knew you could fall in love with a serial killer. Don't judge me till you've watched it but he's a good serial killer. Kind of. He works as a blood analyst for Miami PD and goes around killing all the bad guys whilst trying not to get caught and there's a lot of doughnuts consumed. And every time I watched the opening sequence I wanted a fry up. But its so good. I would however not watching the last episode as it has an awful ending. The entire last series was a bit mehhh actually which tainted how brilliant the rest of it was but I'd still recommend watching it. When I'm not so bitter about how it ended I will be rewatching it.

-Breaking Bad-

A chemistry teacher learns how to cook crystal meth. It's hard to say anymore than that. It's worth the hype. I still have actually yet to finish it 

-Gossip Girl-

Blair Waldorf is my spirit animal. Queen Bee of bitching resting face and one liners. Gossip Girl centres around a group of teens who live on the Upper East Side. They are all completely addicted to a website called 'Gossip Girl' which as the name suggests features a lot of gossip. Even though Serena  appears to be the main character, you will watch it for Chuck and Blair who are the Ross and Rachel of our generation. Nate and Dan are both as dull as watching paint dry and don't get me started on Jenny Humprey.


As one of three sisters I grew up hoping that one day we would figure out that we were actually all witches with super powers and a magical book with lots of spells and potions in.
The special effects on some of the earlier episodes are a little dated and some of the things Alyssa Milano wears were never in fashion but I still hold this series very close to my heart. The later series are definitely my favourite as I never really warmed to Pru and Julian McMahon was another one of my teen crushes. Remember when he was in Nip/Tuck? I wonder what he's up to these days.

-Brooklyn Nine Nine-

Hilarious Cop comedy that's kind of the Scrubs of its time but instead of doctors its cops. Jake Peralta  is a goofy funny J.D. type who is played by Andy Samberg off Saturday Night Live and 'I'm on a boat' (which I can totally rap all the words to btw).

Now go binge watch one of them and if you have any recommendations please write them below I am always searching for a new TV show to lose myself in.

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