March 2015's Reading List


Tanya Burr: Love, Tanya: Tanya is one of my favourite Youtube stars. I wasn't really into buying Zoella's book because it seems more of like a teen story. And although I'm ok with watching Pretty Little Liars at the age of 24 reading a Jacqueline Wilson esque book was just not my thing. This book is a mixture of beauty, life and love tips and I didn't walk away feeling like it changed my life but it was a good little read.
I have loved Tanya for a couple of years now. I reviewed her lipstick here and I love how she's kind of just like a normal girl. This book is one of those really easy to read books that I was done with in about an hour, much like Alexa Chung's book. I would recommend it for any Tanya fan

Tina Fey: Bossy Pants: Tina Fey is probably one of the most funniest human beings on this earth. I don't usually laugh out loud when reading a book but this has had me in stitches. It's a little like Mindy Kaling's book, which I would also recommend. It's not like an autobiography in chronological order its more like lots of little funny stories pieced together explaining her life.


Hannah Gale:  I love how real and honest her blog is and how she'll talk about absolutely everything. Her uplifting posts such as this one, make me realise its ok to be a 24 year old with absolutely no idea what I'm doing.

Zoe London: I love her clean photography and her little uplifting posts. Plus she gives amazing life advice like this post about its ok to be different and carve your own path.


Instagram isn't really reading but I would have to do a separate post called "Current Stalking List" and the list would be endless and I would probably look like a proper weirdo.
So my current I'm ok to admit I'm stalking list is:

Any Kardashian/Jenner/Disick: Although I'm still really not feeling Kim's platinum hair. It looks better now its less yellow but Kim you looked so fierce brunette :(

Chrissy Teigen:  I'm also-fucking-lutely obsessed with her. I also feel like she is obsessed with me because I took a selfie with a goat and then Chrissy took a selfie with a goat... I'm onto you.

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