Are Selfies Really Shameless?

Society is so weird. We don't want people to be insecure or hate themselves but equally when a girl posts a selfie when she's looking on point or has a little bit of self confidence, we instantly say "oh look at her she loves herself". Wait what's wrong with that? Why can't a girl love herself?

We teach people that 'No one will love you till you love yourself' but if you announce you do you're instantly labelled vain or arrogant rather than proud or confident. Why is it a negative thing and something for people to bitch about rather than praise.

As girls we feel the need to use the hashtag 'shamelessselfie'. As if we're ashamed of liking what we look like. I'll admit I have used that previously but then I was like wait why am I thinking this is shameless. 

And I get made fun of for posting selfies but why the fuck not? If I'm feeling good about the way I look why can't I share that with the world and if I get a couple of likes along the way, then brilliant.

I'm confident and I'm not ashamed to say I do love myself. That doesn't mean I think I'm perfect, cause trust me I'm not. No one is. And it doesn't mean I'm better than anyone else or any other negative connotation that comes with 'loving yourself'.

 It's really sad that I have to justify that rather than just say "I love myself" and nothing else.

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