10 Things You Are Never Too Old To Do

1. Play Video Games: I've recently been reliving my youth by playing Zelda on a Game Boy Advance. Luckily for me my dad's kept everything like that we even have a SNES locked away somewhere.

2. Watch Cartoons: The Simpsons, stick on Cartoon Network watch something proper nostalgic even if its just to see how rubbish it is now.

3. Day Dream: For a couple of minutes for an hour. It's good to drift away from the real world for a bit.

4. Make a den: Turn your sofa upside down, use a clothes horse and some sheets. Make a nest out of pillows. Never too old to make your own little hideaway.

5. Call your daddy for advice: Cause he's the wisest person you know.

6. Eat cereal for dinner: Lucky charms at 9pm? nothing better.

7. Have a sleepover: Top to tail with your best friend, eat pizza and bitch about boys all night. Never get tired of that.

8. Play arts and crafts: Make a scrap book or just do some doodling. Make some jewellery or do a little bit of painting. Plus hopefully what you make will be better than a 5 year old.

9. Eat "kids" food: Turkey dinosaurs, smiley faces, super noodles. They're not overly healthy for you but they're so good.

10. Steal your siblings clothes: We might be grown up and no longer the same size but that jumper looks super cute on me.

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