10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be A Night Owl

1. You come alive in the night time: And everyone else is asleep or drunk.

2: Shops aren't open: So you have no choice but to online shop. Late night shopping leads to some strange fashion choices and for some reason a lot of lace and leather.

3. You never clean your house: Since its frowned upon to hoover at 3am. Soz neighbours

4. You never get a tan: Unless its from a bottle. There's no way you're stepping out the house till at least 3pm

5. All your friends are early birds:

6. You don't watch TV with the rest of the world: Thank God for Netflix and Sky +

7. Everything productive gets done at night: Includes blogging. Taking photographs with no lighting is not the one.

8. Having no appetite in the day but clearing the cupboards at night: All of the food

9. Starting work any time before 11: But I only just got to sleep

10. You have to live alone: Other wise you wake everyone with your 2am antics. And by antics I mean binge eating and watching Netflix please see numbers 6. and 8.

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