10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be A Night Owl

10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be A Night Owl

Anyone else out there like me; sleepy all day and then come's alive in the night time. The night time is where I do most my socialising and where all my great blog posts come from.
Below are 10 other reasons why it sucks to be a night owl

1. You come alive in the night time
And everyone else is asleep or drunk

2: Shops aren't open
So you have no choice but to online shop. Late night shopping leads to some strange fashion choices and for some reason a lot of lace and leather.

3. You never clean your house
Since its frowned upon to hoover at 3am. Soz neighbours

4. You never get a tan
 Unless its from a bottle. There's no way you're stepping out the house till at least 3pm

5. All your friends are early birds

6. You don't watch TV with the rest of the world
Thank God for Netflix and Sky +

7. Everything productive gets done at night:
Includes blogging. Taking photographs with no lighting is not the one.

8. Having no appetite in the day but clearing the cupboards at night
All of the food and midnight feasts

9. Starting work any time before 11
...But I only just got to sleep

10. You have to live alone
Other wise you wake everyone with your 2am antics. And by antics I mean binge eating and watching Netflix 

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