Nip + Fab Review

I first heard of Nip + Fab via Kylie Jenner, my ultimate make up and beauty muse. Then low and behold I saw some of their products in Superdrug and I thought what's good enough for Kylie is good enough for me. I think when I purchased these they were on buy one get one free or 2 for £20 I forget which but even not on offer they're pretty good value for skin care products. And I have genuinely seen results. 

The Viper Venom Eye Fix is my favourite, I've tried a couple of under the eye roller things but this one definitely beats anything I've tried before. My wrinkles have reduced and even with 4 hours sleep I look alert. 

I don't really know why I bought the dark circle cream as I don't suffer from them too badly but you can never be too pre-cautious I guess. Again I have definitely seen a difference and I now really want to try out their other products there's a Viper Venom face cream which apparently makes you look ten years younger. If I don't look 14 I'm going to be pissed. 

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