Little Ways to Change Your Life

Ever have one of those days where your just feeling shite and you feel like you'll never shake that feeling. First of all remember that everything is temporary. Much like happiness, sadness isn't forever. I've found a couple of things that makes me feel myself again when I'm having a bad day:

-Switch off: turn off your phone for an hour. When at lunch or dinner don't bring it with you or get all your friends/family to put them in a pile. Whoever picks theirs up first pays the bill ( or maybe just drinks)

-Take Vitamins: ive began taking vitamin b and instantly noticed my energy levels improved. It also balances hormones and in my case made my boobs go up a size. I'm not sure if that's meant to happen but yolo. I also take cod liver oil as my step mums grandad lived to be 90 and he took cod liver everyday. There's got to be something in it
 Remember that vitamins are not a substitute for meals and always consult your doctor

-Exercise: even its just a walk. Andrenaline will get released which instantly improves your mood and if you're going for a nice walk maybe take a camera and photograph your journey 

-Eat better: not diet. Just eat foods with no additives and lots of vegetables. Wholesome foods that make you happy. Don't eat out. Cook for some friends. Learn a new recipe. 

- Drink Tea: there's genuinely nothing a cup of tea can't solve. Try other teas though. So many have health benefits. Camomile is great for calming. Green tea is a good metabolism booster and peppermint is good for a poorly tummy.

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