Little Ways to Change Your Life: Part 2

~Write down your feelings: If you don't quite feel like venting to a real life person then write them down. Start a diary or write a letter to someone with everything you've always wanted to say, but then don't send it. Sometimes what you may say/write in anger may not be how you truly feel. Unless of course after you've wrote you still want to show that person then do it.

~Re-decorate: Changing your environment can uplift your mood. Even its just a new rug or a couple of new photo frames. I did this little DIY project and its completely changed my front room, much more homely.

~Have a wardrobe clear out: Get rid of all the clothes you never wear. Be really brutal don't keep anything you haven't worn but you might someday get round to. You'll begin to see things your lacking whether its you don't have enough casual tops or you have too many jumpers but not enough skirts. Then you can begin writing a whole new list.

~Buy some new make up: Just a new lipstick or blusher can change the way I view life. It doesn't have to be anything pricey but just something to boost your confidence.

~Count your blessings: This is something I've heard Lauren Conrad recommend. The thing she does before bed is count all the things she's grateful for. Read this lovely post by Brianna Wiest and re-evaluate all the things that you moan about, it could be a lot worse.