February Wishlist


Now I have a MacBook Pro I want an appropriate throne for it to reside on. So I'm between these two desks from Argos and I want to get proper organised instead of having my bag filled with pieces of random paper. I'm pretty organised but I want to be more organised. I'm rubbish at remembering things so I'm gonna get a proper calendar etc and be the most organised person ever in the entire world.

Industrial strength concealer

I don't get much sleep cause I'm such a busy bee so I'm always on the look out for concealers that make me look less tired. Any suggestions please write in the comments. My eyes thank you in advance.

A laptop sleeve

 I cannot find a decent looking laptop bag/sleeve. They're all either just plain or with cats on. Why are there no attractive laptop sleeves out there?? I want a sleeve cause bags are far too chunky. I'll be making it myself at this rate.

Next part of my wardrobe

The next thing I'm going to purchase from Ikea is the PAX wardrobe with shoe storage as you can see in this post, I'm currently in the process of building a walk in wardrobe and I want some form of storage for my kazillion shoes. I also need a second part for clothes as the first one I bought just isn't enough.

Striped clothing


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  1. Love the furniture! I like the desk on the right though!

    Hannah Rose

    1. That's the one I prefer too, much more simplistic x

  2. Great wishlist :) I have tons of clothes so I'd love to have a walk in wardrobe! x

    The Belle Narrative


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